Dog Show Results 2018

Results for the following shows have been submitted to our site from our members. It is free to submit your results!

Championship Show
Open Show
Marked Catalogue Available
(S) Group or Breed Speciality

30-Dec-18 (Sunday)

9-Dec-18 (Sunday)

8-Dec-18 (Saturday)

2-Dec-18 (Sunday)

1-Dec-18 (Saturday)

30-Nov-18 (Friday)

25-Nov-18 (Sunday)

24-Nov-18 (Saturday)

18-Nov-18 (Sunday)

17-Nov-18 (Saturday)

16-Nov-18 (Friday)

11-Nov-18 (Sunday)

10-Nov-18 (Saturday)

4-Nov-18 (Sunday)

3-Nov-18 (Saturday)

28-Oct-18 (Sunday)

27-Oct-18 (Saturday)

22-Oct-18 (Monday)

21-Oct-18 (Sunday)

20-Oct-18 (Saturday)

19-Oct-18 (Friday)

14-Oct-18 (Sunday)

13-Oct-18 (Saturday)

8-Oct-18 (Monday)

7-Oct-18 (Sunday)

6-Oct-18 (Saturday)

23-Sep-18 (Sunday)

22-Sep-18 (Saturday)

16-Sep-18 (Sunday)

15-Sep-18 (Saturday)

9-Sep-18 (Sunday)

8-Sep-18 (Saturday)

2-Sep-18 (Sunday)

1-Sep-18 (Saturday)

26-Aug-18 (Sunday)

25-Aug-18 (Saturday)

19-Aug-18 (Sunday)

18-Aug-18 (Saturday)

12-Aug-18 (Sunday)

11-Aug-18 (Saturday)

5-Aug-18 (Sunday)

4-Aug-18 (Saturday)

28-Jul-18 (Saturday)

22-Jul-18 (Sunday)

21-Jul-18 (Saturday)

15-Jul-18 (Sunday)

17-Jun-18 (Sunday)

10-Jun-18 (Sunday)

9-Jun-18 (Saturday)

4-Jun-18 (Monday)

3-Jun-18 (Sunday)

2-Jun-18 (Saturday)

27-May-18 (Sunday)

26-May-18 (Saturday)

20-May-18 (Sunday)

19-May-18 (Saturday)

13-May-18 (Sunday)

12-May-18 (Saturday)

6-May-18 (Sunday)

5-May-18 (Saturday)

28-Apr-18 (Saturday)

22-Apr-18 (Sunday)

21-Apr-18 (Saturday)

15-Apr-18 (Sunday)

14-Apr-18 (Saturday)

8-Apr-18 (Sunday)

7-Apr-18 (Saturday)

2-Apr-18 (Monday)

1-Apr-18 (Sunday)

31-Mar-18 (Saturday)

30-Mar-18 (Friday)

25-Mar-18 (Sunday)

24-Mar-18 (Saturday)

18-Mar-18 (Sunday)

17-Mar-18 (Saturday)

11-Mar-18 (Sunday)

10-Mar-18 (Saturday)

4-Mar-18 (Sunday)

3-Mar-18 (Saturday)

2-Mar-18 (Friday)

25-Feb-18 (Sunday)

24-Feb-18 (Saturday)

18-Feb-18 (Sunday)

17-Feb-18 (Saturday)

16-Feb-18 (Friday)

11-Feb-18 (Sunday)

10-Feb-18 (Saturday)

4-Feb-18 (Sunday)

3-Feb-18 (Saturday)

28-Jan-18 (Sunday)

27-Jan-18 (Saturday)

26-Jan-18 (Friday)

21-Jan-18 (Sunday)

20-Jan-18 (Saturday)

14-Jan-18 (Sunday)

13-Jan-18 (Saturday)

7-Jan-18 (Sunday)