The Collie Club (Inc) (North Is, NZ)

Date of Show : 20-Oct-12 (Saturday)

Championship Show

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General Specials

Specials Judge: Ms Sharon Hannigan (NSW)

Baby in Show: Collie (Rough)
Collievale Diamond-In-T'Ruff (Kathryn Debenham)
Junior in Show: Border Collie
Clan-abby NZ One Love (Judy /Peter & Johanna Vos)

Bearded Collie
BOB: Llanddona Million Dollar Man At UKulunga (Bronwyn Falconer)
R/UP BOB & Junior of Breed: Llanddona Angel In Disguise of UKulunga (Bronwyn Falconer)

Border Collie
Junior of Breed: Clan-abby NZ One Love (Judy /Peter & Johanna Vos)

Collie (Rough)
Baby of Breed: Collievale Diamond-In-T'Ruff (Kathryn Debenham)
Junior of Breed: Collievale Dreamcatcher (Mrs K Debenham)