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Freeway Black Eagle
(Susanne Payne)

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NZ Aldoushire Burlesque Babe (NZ Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)
NZ Aldoushire Fairest Of Th Ball (Spl Gr Ch) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)
NZ Aldoushire Got The Force (AI) (NZ Ch) (Andrea McOnie-Perfect & Shannon Aldous)
NZ Alerick Brunners Bandit (Rudy and Pam Brunner)
NZ Alerick Eclipse Clear by Parentage for L2HGA and PHJC (NZ CH) (S M Payne)
NZ Alerick Home Coming Queen (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick Jessamme jack (NZ GR CH) (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick Jessamme Thistle (Susanne payne)
NZ Alerick Lockdown Lucy (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick Rosegold Ricochet (Susanne Payne)
NZ Alerick XFactor Asher Clear by Parentage for L2 and PHJC (NZ CH) (R Hayton & S M Payne)
NZ Anevay Fire Dancer (Janette Butcher)
NZ Anevay Flying Solo (Cara Gill)
NZ Anevay One N Only (Janette Butcher)
NZ Anevay Queen Bee (NZ Ch) (Kim Butcher)
NZ Anevay Return Of The King (Cara Gill)
NZ Artisinal Ripple Effect (Imp Aust) (BISS NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
NZ Ashbek I am Reddington (Ch) (R and K Veale)
NZ Battleaxe Harmony Storm (Grant & Louise Blackwood)
NZ Battleaxe Storm Chaser (L2- HGA & HC clear) (Grant & Louise Blackwood)
NZ Battleaxe Surestorm Lass - ( L2-HGA & HC clear) (CH) (Grant & Louise Blackwood)
NZ Challenger Ceasar Rex (CH) (Margaret Walker)
NZ Challenger Penny Dreadful (Margaret Walker)
NZ Dragonstone Bery Glamorous (Leana Bartle)
NZ Drakon The President (Leith Mohi)
NZ Drakon The Specialist (Lois)
NZ Foxestown The Arch Deacon (Clear HC and L2) (MBISS NZ CH) (Sian Vermeer)
NZ Foxestown Bessie Adele (BISS CH) (Sonya Carey)
NZ Freeway Black Eagle (Susanne Payne)
NZ Gelderstaff Ginger Rogers at Shadowstaff (Margaret Walker)
NZ Goldencross Shuggah Babe @ Shadowstaff (NAF) (Margaret Pilawa)
NZ Gyparris Highland Laddie at Shadowstaff (Margaret Pilawa (Walker))
NZ Helsinge Rebel Force (Ch) (Mark Andersen)
NZ Impalagrove Great White (NZ Ch) (Janette Butcher)
NZ Kaylajaz Ace of Spades L2-HGA & HC Clear (BISS NZCH) (N Valentic)
NZ Kaylajaz Calm Before Th Storm (N Valentic)
NZ Kaylajaz Cum On Pop It L2-HGA & HC Clear (N Valentic)
NZ Kaylajaz Obi One Kenobi L2 -HGA & HC Clear by parentage (RBISS NZCH) (Natalie Valentic)
NZ Kaylajaz Return O' Th Princess (R & K Veale)
NZ KaylaJaz Yippee Ki-Yay MF (CH) (Natalie Valentic)
NZ Lidaby The Lone Ranger (RBISS NZ CH) (Lisa Martel)
NZ Lidaby The-Taskmaster (Lisa Martel & Christopher Burton)
NZ Oakamoor Cleopatra (NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
NZ Oakamoor Desert Bandit (BISS NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
NZ Oakamoor Mystical spell (MBISS NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
NZ Oakstaff Amazing Grace (Margaret & Alan Walker)
NZ Oakstaff Masterpiece CGC Gold RN (NZ CH) (Alison Marett)
NZ Renegade Apache Brew (BISS NZ CH) (Leana Bartle)
NZ Renegade Dark Magic for Wunderbar (Quinn Glover)
NZ Renegade Flash for Takoda (A Marett)
NZ Rojeme Blame It On The Scream (Ch) (Mark Andersen)
NZ Rojeme Mr Onderful (NZ CH) (Mark Andersen)
NZ Shadowstaff Diamond Al (Margaret Walker)
NZ Shadowstaff Double Diamond (Margaret Walker)
NZ Sladestaff Sour Worm (L2-HGA & HC Clear by Parentage) (Zaliamstaff Kennel)
NZ Smartstaff Brianna (E D Terrill)
NZ Smartstaff Get Smart (E. Terrill)
NZ Smartstaff Jaded Rocker - L2HGA & HC Clear by parentage (Emily Terrill)
NZ Smartstaff Sky High (E D Terrill)
NZ Southstaff My Wild Irish Rose (Ch) (R & K Veale)
NZ Strongbuilt All Eyes On Me (Alison Marett)
NZ Strongbuilt Roses Are Red (Quinn Glover)
NZ Strongbuilt The Rockstar (Quinn Glover)
NZ Surestaff Ucan Do It Too (Imp UK) ( L2- HGA & HC clear) (NZ CH) (Mr Grant & Mrs Louise Blackwood)
NZ Surestaff Ultimatum (Imp UK) (L2-HGA & HC clear) (NZ CH) (Mr Grant & Mrs Louise Blackwood)
NZ Takoda Class Act (Clear HC and L2) (BIS NZ CH) (Sian Vermeer)
NZ Takoda Dream Weaver (NZ CH) (Alison Marett)
NZ Takoda Fine Design (A Marett)
NZ Takoda Halo's Amulet (Mrs A Marett)
NZ Takoda Leather 'N' Lace (NZ Ch) (A Marett)
NZ Takoda Mastermind (A Marett)
NZ Takoda Midnight Ivy (Niki Nicholson)
NZ Takoda Superstar (Margaret & Alan Walker)
NZ Takoda Wild at Heart (Jorga Dixon & Bridgette Wadworth)
NZ Takoda Wish Master (NZ Ch) (Niki Nicholson)
NZ Takoda Witchery (A Marett)
NZ Usherin Glitz N Glamour (Imp Aust) (Shannon & Paul Aldous)
NZ Valleyriver Harlequin at Strongbuilt (Quinn Glover)
NZ Warfare Enchanted Princess (CH) (Lisa Martel)
NZ Westwood Annie Oakley (NZ Ch) (Niki Nicholson)
NZ Willpower Betty Boop - L2-HGA & HC Clear (E Terrill)
NZ Wunderbar Hop on Pop at Renegade (Jorga Dixon & Bridgette Wadsworth)

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