NZ CH Wunderbar Hop on Pop at Renegade

‘ A lovely masculine male with a strong head with well muscled cheeks and short muzzle. Good dark eye and neat ears giving correct expression. Short strong neck into well muscled body. Short coupled with well muscled rear. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Moved Free and true. It was a pleasure to give him a group placing’ - Denise Clark, FCI show April 17 2022

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Pedigree for NZ CH Wunderbar Hop on Pop at Renegade
Sire : CH Takoda Halo's Amulet S: CH Takoda Mastermind S: CH Oakstaff Materpiece RN
D: Dragonstone Faylinn
D: Renegade Halo's Aura RN S: Renegade Demon
D: Renegade Ravens Spirit
Dam : Wunderbar For your eyes only at Renegade S: Renegade Rebel Yell S: Renegade Voodoo Thunda
D: CH Renegade All about Brew
D: Renegade Back in Black S: CH Wyrefare Dazzler (IMP-UK)
D: Renegade Hellava- Brew

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