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Multi BISS, RBISS Aust & NZ Ch    Moya The SpelzKast
(Anne-Marie Reid)

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NZ Bavaria No Doubt (Mrs L A COULING)
NZ Bavaria The Force Awakens (L A Couling)
NZ Belzand Believe It Im Magic (CH) (Anne- Marie Forde, M Bell & C Anderson)
NZ Danilo Vom Kummelsee( Imp. Germany.) HD +/- ED 0.0 JLPP Clear (Bill Patterson)
NZ Hancock vom Haus del Monte Hips, free, Ebows,Free. JLPP free, DNA, Lemp free. (william Patterson & David Harris,)
NZ Inselstaat Oerlikon (AI) V Rated (Imp Aust) HD2.2 ED. 0.0 JLPP Clear. Mouth and eyes certified. DNA (Bill Patterson & Wiki Te Tau)
NZ Moya Into Darkness (AI) (Champion) (Mrs Anne-Marie Reid)
NZ Moya Rock n Roll (Aust & NZ CH) (Anne-Marie Reid)
NZ Moya The SpelzKast (Multi BISS, RBISS Aust & NZ Ch   ) (Anne-Marie Reid)
NZ Moya Too Close for Comfort HT0 (RBIS BISS Ch) (Anne Marie Reid)
NZ Revell Hollaback At Bavaria (Mrs Lisa A Couling & Mrs Amy Nicholson)
NZ Revell Tis Balou's Reign At Straumburg (SPR CH & SPL GR CH) (Mike Bell)
NZ Runciman Ice Breaker (C Duder and E Clarke)
NZ Sahne Cool bubbles (CH) (Sharlene Storey & Mrs R.c Grenyer)
NZ Taumata Australis HD.2.2. Elbow 0.0. JLPP Clear, eye and mouth certified, DNA (Mr W. Patterson & W. Te Tau)
NZ Taumata Ice, Hips1.1. Elbows,0.0. JLPP free, Eye and mouth certified, DNA (william Patterson)
NZ Taumata Martini, Hips 4.3. Elbows 1.1. (william Patterson)
NZ Taumata Raven HD.1.1 Ed 0.0. Jlpp Clear (Wj. Patterson, & W. Te Tau)
NZ Ubersein Dawn Of The Legend (Imp Aust) HD 1.1. ED 0.0. JLPP Clear, Certified Full Detention and Eyes Normal. (NZ Ch RISS) (Ms Wiki Te Tau)
NZ Ubersein Fair Dinkum (Imp Aust) Hips.3.1. Elbows, grade 2, mouth and eye certified, JLPP clear. DNA (NZ Ch BIS) (Ms Wiki Te Tau)
NZ Vodka Pop Rott Multi V1 (Import Serbia) HD A. ED free. JLPP Clear (BISS. RBISS Junior Ch. Serbia) (Bill Patterson)
NZ Waitiro Clevedon Cool As Ice (NZ Grand Champion) (Chris and Cathy Duder and Ethan Clarke)
NZ Waitiro Designer Lace (Cathy Duder)

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