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NZ Leoricia Right Where I Belong JD CGCF (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
NZ Panache All Glitter And Glam At Pinquest CGCS (PLATINUM CERT BISS NZ CH & NEUT CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
NSW Panache Candle In The Wind (MULTI BISS, RUBIS, MULTI RUBISS NZ CH) (Phil & Errolynne Cross)
NZ Panache for Enzo (MULTI BISS, RUBIS, NZ CH) (Solitaire Robertson)
NZ Pinquest Just Give Me A Reason (NZ CH & NEUT CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
NZ Pinquest Not Today (NZ CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
NZ Pinquest On The Edge Of Glory JD CGCF (NZ CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
NZ Pinquest The North Remembers CGCG (RBISS NZ CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
NZ Pinquest Valar Morghulis (PLATINUM CERT BISS RUBISS NZ CH) (Aimee Hamlin)

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