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Contact :
Christina Martin
Location :
Mt.Maunganui, Tauranga NZ
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Tibetan Spaniels from quality foundation stock.
Imported lines from UK and Australia,
Starting in 1997
Lovely strong old established lines.
New lines from Native Tibet. Sweden,Switzerland and UK
Great to have Leopoldo behind our Swiss line
Ch. Ampoter Luna has achieved 1 x Res. Best in Show and 3 x Best in Show, Age in Show.
Also age in group wins.
Luna is a decendant of Leopoldo.
Ampoter Tibetan Spaniels achieve Championship Titles and Merit Awards regularly.
Baby Puppy in Show.
Puppy in Show.
Junior in Show.
Intermediate in Show.
N.Z.Bred in Show.
Veteran in Show.
AHT DNA Tested Clear of PRA 3
All My Tibetan Spaniels are clear of PRA and PRA3,Tested and Geneticly Clear.
All are health tested and are all clear
Great natures and very good with children.
My Tibetan Spaniels are inside Family members and have contact with my Grandchildren,every week.
Puppies available to approved homes.
New Litter Due.
August 2022

Next Litter Planned: August, 2022


Contact :
Angela Dryden (O'Callaghan)
Location :
New Plymouth NZ
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Three Stud dogs available to approved kennels
Breeding quality Papillons and Tibetan Spaniels since 2004. Our breeding has been shown to group and in show wins in both the South and North Islands of New Zealand.
We have exported to Australia and have our kennels first Australian Champion 'Ferntrees lets partie in aussie' aka Molly. Already some from our lines are but this one has our Kennel name - Ferntrees.
We also have the exciting news of being the first breeders/handlers to have a Tibetan Spaniel Bitch go Best in Show All Breeds in New Zealand (open show easter 2014) - NZ Ch Ferntrees Rosies Zena
All our kennel are tested or genetically clear of PRA & PRA3

Next Litter Planned: Unknown


Contact :
Jane Burke
Location :
Putaruru NZ
Phone :
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DogsNZ (NZKC) Accredited Breeder

Est 2000 Breeding for health, conformation & temperament. Our foundation dogs have UK, USA, Danish, Switz, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Native, NZ & Aust lines. To prevent inbreeding and increased risk of genetic diseases we have invested heavily financially in the breed importing new bloodlines from around the world.

1. NZ CH Gembox's Midnight Magic (Imp USA)
2. NZ CH Byrebaer Khyi-Qu (Imp Aust)
3. NZ/AUS CH Kri Kris Caesar (Imp Denmark)
4. AM CH Tibroke's Thrilling Possibilities (Imp USA)
5. Byrebaer Shades of Trouble (Imp Aust)
6. Byrebaer Tribute to Queen (Imp Aust)
7. AM CH Wanaseas Odenhaus Second Chapter (Imp USA)
8. Zynagi The Tallisman (Imp Aust)
9. Maitreya Auria Reflection (Imp Aust)

Our tibbies easily achieve Championship Titles, Nationals, Prelude & Asian Breed Specialty wins under full competition (15-30 entries) and are frequently placed at Group and In Show levels.

Home of NZ's highest achieving bitches:
*Platinum Merit NZ CH Khyisenge Ter Sha-Nuk
*Gold Merit NZ CH Khyisenge Cespa Ephesis
*Platinum Plus Merit Multi RBIS (all breeds), RBISS CH Khyisenge Rising An-harchy

All Khyisenge breeding stock undergo Breed Specific Health Screening:
Tested CLEAR for Patella Luxation
DNA tested CLEAR for PRA-3 gene via AHT UK.
There is NO genetic test available for the other form of PRA.

We breed sparingly & occasionally have puppies available to approved homes. Puppies are sold on contract with DogsNZ Regis

Next Litter Planned: Unknown


Contact :
Angela Dalton
Location :
Warkworth NZ
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DogsNZ Accredited Breeders Scheme Member - 103996
Please contact DogsNZ on email: members@dogsnz.org.nz to verify my membership status.

We are aiming to breed Tibbies with great conformation, fantastic health and outstanding temperaments.

Goal #1 - Always breed for the betterment of the breed.
Goal #2 - Bring back the black tibbies to New Zealand

Our name is reflects a way of life, based on the Buddhist way we lead a calm and balanced life. All Tibetan Spaniels and Finnish Lapphund are raised as family members first and foremost.

Tibbies have been our chosen breed for many years. Prior to this our family raised Peke's in England, 1966 - 1980.
Now (2020) we are on a new path with a new breed in conjunction with the Tibbies - Finnish Lapphund.
SNOFYRE SERENDIPITY TO TEMPLESHINTO (IMP-AUST) brings great promise to the breed in NZ

All our dogs are family dogs with breeding being rare but magical. Occasionally we will have pups available for either show or pet homes. Breeding of our lines is restricted and to be discussed upon placing a pup. All pups are placed with full vaccinations, health checks & contracts and are registered with DogsNZ or the governing body of the pups new country.

Our foundation lines are from NZ, AUST, UK, SWITZERLAND, SWEDEN & DENMARK
Our dogs are all fully DNA profiled and export from NZ is an option.
As family dogs our pups are all socialized and have house manners.
We give lifetime support - and mean it

Next Litter Planned: Unknown


Contact :
Kylie Crawford
Location :
Hawera NZ
Phone :
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We are a dog loving family, who lives rurally on 5 acres in the amazing Taranaki, NZ.

We have been involved in the show scene for a number of years having only entered Tibetan Spaniels in 2019 (due to finding the breed very hard to enter). I grew up around cocker spaniels and beagles. We had exhibited Chihuahuas for a few years before changing to Tibetan Spaniels, and also show Japanese Spitz
During our short time in tibbies, we have been extremely competitive in a strong line up of Tibetan Spaniels often 20+ per show, with numerous BOB and RBOB, many group class wins, and age class in show wins. I am proud to say that each of our tibbies have won atleast in group age class.

We now have 10 tibbies in our family, which are first and foremost family pets, and are secondly show dogs.
We have recently imported Aust Ch Tunamara Takam Tsha, who brings exciting new lines to NZ.

I am very lucky to have 2 very enthusiastic Junior Handlers, who love the dogs as much as I do, and are fantastic handlers, and help exhibit the team exceptionally well.

All our dogs are PRA3 clear (each and every dog is individually tested).

Next Litter Planned: Unknown


Contact :
Rochelle Cheesman
Location :
Levin NZ
Phone :
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A Tibby with a difference!
Soul has that old fashioned face that will have everyone wanting to know where you got your amazing looking dog from. With his huge mane, chunky build and "I'm in the building" looks he's never anywhere without complements and admiration for his adorableness. His eyes are great says the specialist and his unsquished nose gives him a perfect mouth. His nature and his eyes speak the ancient wisdom of the monks in his ancestry, his name (Ampoter Oriental Soul) defiantly suits him he's a very wise old soul.

With his little black bird Raven ( Khyisenge Raven Rhythm n Blue) who owns a cuteness all to herself. She shares the love and cuddles around. Again with an uncomplicated mouth together they will make gorgeous pups that will be a faithful thoughtful companion for the one who needs a friend.

Next Litter Planned: December, 2022


Contact :
Vivian Hartley
Location :
Auckland NZ
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Aztlon Tibetan Spaniels are well known both here in New Zealand in Australia and America for the top quality tibbies we have produced over the last 40 odd years. We have currently in excess of 1OO champions bred here.
All my original dogs are from the famous Braduke kennels and I have always tried to maintain the standard that was set by this well known English Kennel.
We have occassional puppies available both for pet and show with an on going concern for any puppies leaving this establishment with a life long committment.
I am happy to answer any questions on the breed.
Currently showing at local shows only but still enjoying the outings with my dogs. Our latest wins a juniour of group in consicutive shows, with a coment from a Canadian judge that they were of an excellent standard . He was also a vet with high standards in construction, so important to me.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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