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Beesholme Kiss This
(Jackie Howell)

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NZ Arcon Blue Suit N Tie (NZ CH) (Coral, Gavin and Anita Henderson)
NZ Arcon Closest To Heaven (Anita Henderson)
NZ Arcon Frozen In Blue (AI) (NZ CH) (Coral Henderson)
NZ Arcon Karma Has No Deadline (Anita Henderson and Caroline Matheson)
NZ Arcon Poker Face (Anita Henderson)
NZ Arcon Swings Both Ways at Arjuna (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Get Jiggi Withit (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Justa Jigolo (NZ Ch) (Libby clarke)
NZ Arjuna Kapt'n Jack (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Only Inya Dreams (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Perfect Imperfection (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Rock Ya Soxs Off (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna She's The One (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Beesholme Kiss N Run (NZ. GR. CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Beesholme Kiss This (Jackie Howell)
NZ Beesholme Kissabelle at Shenace (Ch) (Jackie Howell and Lynda Watson)
NZ Beesholme Kissabelle At Shenace (BISS NZ CH) (Lynda Watson & Jackie Howell)
NZ Beesholme Royal Blue (Jackie Howell)
NZ Benbridge Amazing Grace (NZ. CH) (Fiona Morrow)
NZ Benbridge Beauty and Madness at Arcon (Anita and Coral Henderson)
NZ Benbridge Burning Hearts (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Benbridge Have I Told U Lately (NZ. Gr CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Benbridge Here Comes The Sun (AI) (NZ Ch) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Benbridge I Will Survive (NZ. SPR. CH.) (Tony Fox & Hank Faifua)
NZ Benbridge Lipstk On Yr Collar (NZ. CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Bonnymead Autumn Storm (NZ. CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Kana-Ka A Gold Ingot For Benbridge (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Kana-Ka Total Kaos at Arjuna (BIS BISS NZ Grand Ch NZ Sp Gr Ch & Aust Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Kanati Knight N Shining Armour (imp Aust) (Nicola Sill)
NZ Ronndal Elfennoir at Beesholme (NZ Ch) (Jackie Howell)
NZ Ronndal Keepsake at Arcon (NZ Grand CH) (Anita Henderson)
NZ Ronndal Night Fever At Benbridge (CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Rushndol Arti Pharti For Arjuna (NZ CH) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Shenace Back At Ya (BIS NZ GR CH) (Lynda Watson)
NZ Shenace Caught Kissn N Public (RBIS RBISS NZ Ch) (Lynda Watson)
SA Shenace Good On Ya (AUST & NZ BISS CHAMPION) (Kerry Hutt & Geoff Love (AUST))
NZ Shenace Got Ya Back (BIS) (Lynda Watson)
NZ Shenace Pasch'n It Kiss (NZ CH) (Lynda Watson)
NZ Shenace Stole A Kiss At Lanmardic (NZ CH) (Danielle Walden)
NZ Shenace Wanna Kiss Ya Back (Lynda Watson)
NZ Shenkhan Four Seasons (Champion) (Merle Powley)
NZ Skyeway Jack Sparrow (NZ CH) (Jackie Howell and Joanne Nicolson)
NZ Skyeway Want Ya Back At Shenace (Imp Aust) (BIS NZ SUPREME CHAMPION) (Lynda Watson)
NZ Taejaan Pure Heroine at Arcon (Aust) (NZ CH) (Anita Henderson)
NZ Willingwisp Twist n Shout for Arjuna (NZ & Aust CH) (Libby Clarke)

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