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Greyflyte Good For A Giggle
(Cyd Welsh)

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NZ Breica's Run To You At Silvastorm (IMP CANADA) (AM/CAN & NZ CH.) (Andrea McInroe)
NZ Carnmellis Diamonds N Pearls (LHC) (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Errol Flynn (LHC) (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Hot Dikkety Dog at Gunalt (NZ Ch/Eng Sh Ch) (Richard Stafford/Gunalt Weimaraners)
NZ Carnmellis Kiss Me (LH) (NZ Ch) (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Kiss N Tell (LH) (NZ Ch) (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Look At Me (LH) (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Nifty Nina (NZ Grand Ch) (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Walk Th' Line (Pip Simmons)
NZ Grauhund Imfullov Truble (IMP AUST) (NZ & AUST CH.) (C Wright/A McInroe)
NZ Grauhund Just Thbeginning (C Wright/A McInroe)
NZ Grauhund ToHot ToHandle (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (Andrea McInroe)
NZ Grausturm Southern Opal (NZ Ch) (Cyd Welsh)
NZ Greyflyte Brings Sexy Back (NZCH) (Cyd Welsh)
NZ Greyflyte Drama Queen (NZ Ch) (Cyd Welsh)
NZ Greyflyte Good Enuf For Meee (Cyd Welsh)
NZ Greyflyte Good For A Giggle (Cyd Welsh)
NZ Greyflyte Pride Makes The Man (Jo Clough and Cyd Welsh)
NZ Greyflyte Southern Bliss (NZ Ch) (Cyd Welsh)
NZ Greyflyte Southern-Nik (AI) (BISS NZ CH) (Mrs Julie Jorey)
NZ Holdfast Summer Agenda (MBISS NZCH) (Mrs Julie Jorey)
NZ Lonsdaleite JP Burlesque Silvastorm (IMP JAPAN) (Andrea McInroe)
NZ Rifleman Magic Ghost (RUBISS NZ CH) (Andrea McInroe)
NZ Silvastorm Bella Mafia (BISS RUBISS NZ.CH.) (A McInroe & L Mathieson)
NZ Silvastorm Enjoy The Ride (A.I) (NZ CH) (Leanne Ryan & Andrea McInroe)
NZ Silvastorm Eye's On Me (A.I) (RBIS AUST & NZ.CH.) (Andrea McInroe)
NZ Silvastorm Gossip Girl At Silhouette (A.I) (EXP USA) (AM GR CH) (Bruce & Cindy Cassidy)
NZ Silvastorm Hall Of Fame (A.I) (Andrea McInroe)
NZ Silverghost Smoked Ice (RBISS NZCH) (Mrs Julie Jorey)
NZ Tri-D's Greyflyte Grand Slam (Imp USA) (Am/NZ/Aust Ch) (Cyd Welsh and Wendy Barber)
NZ Weissenberg Artful Dodger (NZ CH) (Lindsey Davies)
NZ Weissenberg Danc'n in the Dark (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Flirtn with Fire (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Havana Legasie (NZ Ch) (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg High Command (AI) (Lindsey Davies)
NZ Weissenberg High Society (CH) (A Porter & K White)
NZ Weissenberg Ice Krystal (Ch) (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg La Corona (Ch) (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg La Flor de Cano (Ch) (Kathy White/Sarah Sowman)
NZ Weissenberg Mac The Knife A.I. (MBIS MBISS NZ & Aust & Specialty Grand Ch) (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Memory Lane (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Pocket Rocket (NZ Ch) (Kathy White)
NZ Weissenberg Silver Simon (Ch) (Lindsey and Ellie Davies & K White)
NZ Weissenberg The Phantom (CH.) (Anne Porter)
NZ Weissenberg Woman In Red (NZ CH) (Andrea McInroe)
NZ Weisup Copy N Paste (NZ.CH.) (D Meyrick & A McInroe)
NZ Weisup On Fire At Silvastorm (BISS NZ CH.) (Andrea McInroe)

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