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Dorje Picasso
(Angela Dalton)

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NZ Ampoter B Exquisite (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Babydoll (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Dita Von Teese (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Draker Noir (Christina Martin & Sue Clarke)
NZ Ampoter Extraordinaire (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin and Paige Judson)
NZ Ampoter For Eternity (Christina Martin and S.R.Clarke)
NZ Ampoter Georgio (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Gucci Made To Measure (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Heaven Sent (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Indian Garnet (Christina Martin and Christine Hamblyn)
NZ Ampoter Jasmin Noir (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Kouros (Christina Martin & Mike Hamblyn)
NZ Ampoter Luna (BIS RUBIS NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Mythique D'Orient (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Nirvanah Nam Kha (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Oscar De La Renta (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Rose Nacree Du Desert (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Secret Fantasy (Christina Martin and Lyn Morris)
NZ Ampoter Special Edition (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Starlight Of Gwylim (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Sweet Oriental Dream (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Tibetan Obsession (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin & Lyn Morris)
NZ Ampoter Whif ' Cherry Blossom (Christina Martin)
NZ Aztlon Charlie Red (PLATINUM MERIT, NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Aztlon Hsi Hsing (NZ Champion) (Janet McAleer)
NZ Aztlon Inari (Angela Dalton)
NZ Aztlon Kami-kami (Angela Dalton)
NZ Aztlon Mandara (Angela Dalton & Vivian Hartley)
NZ Aztlon Miss Elite (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Aztlon Yser Rgyal-Bu (NZ Champion) (Janet McAleer)
NZ Balmacara Tallulah Belle (Bronze Merit NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Byrebaer Khyi Qu (imp-aust) (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Byrebaer Shades of Trouble (Import Australia) (Jane Burke)
NZ Byrebaer Tribute to Queen (Import Australia) (Jane Burke)
NZ Dorje Hasanti (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Dorje Indira (Jane Burke)
NZ Dorje Madison at Ferntrees (Bronze Merit NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Dorje Picasso (Angela Dalton)
NZ Dorje Xiang Yu (Jane Burke)
NZ Ferntrees Danpo Pasang (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Danpo Seba (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Harlequin (Bronze Merit NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Heres Lucy (A & A O’Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Parti Elite (Gold Merit NZ Ch) (A&A O'Callaghan & D Taylor)
NZ Ferntrees Rah's Zac (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Rosies Zena (Silver Merit NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Sum Nag Po Dawa (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Zena's Hercules (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Gembox's Midnight Magic (imp-usa) (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Amun Rah (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Angel O Har-lem (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Bham Bam-Bu (BPIS) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Cespa Ephesis (Gold Merit NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Cheyn of Command (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Dah-Lah Rouge (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Dont Forget D Joker (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Foo Fighter (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge For-Eva After (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Game-On (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Give-M Hell (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Gothica-Rose (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Hai Calypso (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Hel-ter Skel-ter (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Kizashi (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Lo-Tze La (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Nyima X-Press (Multi JIS / LIS NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Rarest Vintage (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Rising Ah-Narchy (Multi RuBIS / RuBISS NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Shadow Playz (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Skamar Fallujah (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Sweet Rapture (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Ter Sha-Nuk (Platinum Merit NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Thais Iphedes (LIS Bronze Merit NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Thrilling Memory (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Wish U Were Here (Angela Dalton)
NZ Khyisenge Witching-Hour (Jane Burke & Robert Gosper)
NZ Khyisenge Zay it ain't Zoh (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Zoh-Wat (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Kri Kris Caesar (import Denmark) (NZ & Aust Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Maitreya Auria Reflections (Import Australia) (Jane Burke)
NZ Stakim Simply Adorable (Imp Aust) (Janet McAleer & Vivian Hartley)
NZ Templeshinto Hap'n Tu-ya (Angela Dalton)
NZ Templeshinto Li-na Mi'way (Angela Dalton)
NZ Tibroke's Thrilling Possibilities (imp-usa) (AM Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Tsurani B A Star at Aztlon (NZ Ch) (A&A O'Callaghan)
NZ Tuscamada Kiwi Crusin (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Wanasea Odenhaus Second Chapter (Import USA ) (AM Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Zynagi The Tallisman ( Import Australia ) (Jane Burke)

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