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Osuno Grey Grenade
(Andy Lawrie)

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NZ Barahwolfe Coffee Creme (Lin Taylor)
NZ Barahwolfe Mercury Rising (Peta Dowle)
NZ Barahwolfe Sundown Warbirds (Peta Dowle)
NZ Osuno Battle Born (Andy Lawrie)
NZ Osuno Big Bad Wolfe (New Zealand Champion) (Trish Harris)
NZ Osuno Double Dare (A Lawrie)
QLD Osuno Grey Grenade (Andy Lawrie)
NZ Osuno Secret Smile (A Lawrie)
NZ Rusern Brynhildr (NZ CH) (Katherine Sloane)
NZ Svedala Linus Lingon - Imported Sweden (Swedish & New Zealand Champion) (A Lawrie)
NZ Tamriel She'll Be Gold (Peta Dowle and Connor Harris)
NZ Torvall Crackling Rosie (NZ Ch) (Kathy & Greg Sloane)
NZ Torvall My Leannan (Kathy and Greg Sloane)
NZ Torvall Pink Petticoat (NZ Ch) (Kathy and Greg Sloane)
NZ Torvall Sloane Ranger (NZ Ch) (Kathy & Greg Sloane)
NZ Vallarity Cracker Jack (Ch) (Kathy & Greg Sloane)

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