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NZ Ch Alyeshka Rocking the Beat
(S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)

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NZ Adreenz Amazing Grace (Ch) (Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Classic Wild Rose (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Definitely A Darling (Ch) (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Jazzman Jack (Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Jupiters Fire In Gold (Ch) (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Red Sky At Night (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Starlight Silver S.D (CH) (Mrs Audrey Fullerton/Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Sweet Honey Rae (Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Sweet Victory (Ch) (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Adreenz Winning Ways (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Aeukanmanuva Your The Boss with Adreenz (imp Aust) (RUBISS,NZ & Aust Ch) (Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Aeukanumanuva All Star at Adreenz (imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Alpine American Dream (BIS Ch) (Melanie Quinn)
NZ Alpine American Wizard (Ch) (Rose and Bruce Northway, M Quinn)
NZ Alpine As You Wish (Melanie Quinn)
NZ Alpine Speed Of Sound (Melanie Quinn)
NZ Alpine U Wish (Katie Maywood and Melanie Quinn)
NZ Alyeshka Angels Strike Bak (Ch) (M Quinn,)
NZ Alyeshka Behind Enemy Lines (NZ Ch    ) (B & A Benade)
NZ Alyeshka Coconut Eclair (NZ Ch) (A & S Pickering)
NZ Alyeshka Devils Edge (Multi BIS NZ GR CH) (M Quinn,)
NZ Alyeshka Energy Never Dies SD (BISS NZ Ch) (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
NZ Alyeshka Everlasting Light (S Halliday, T Letele & D Koolen)
NZ Alyeshka Freedom Fighter (Ch) (S Halliday, T Pitt & J Cranswick)
NZ Alyeshka Lightfoot Legace (BIS NZ Ch) (Chris Jolly)
NZ Alyeshka Little Miss Perfect (Imp NZ) (Multi BIS & RBISS Aust Supreme Ch & NZ Grand Ch) (S Halliday, T Letele & C Karam)
NZ Alyeshka Perfect Lil Story (Sarah Halliday & Tamzin Letele)
NZ Alyeshka Pump up the Volume (BIS NZ Ch) (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
NZ Alyeshka Rocking the Beat (NZ Ch) (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
NZ Alyeshka The Dark Knight (NZ Ch) (Chris Jolly)
NZ Anyka Jupiters Casino (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Bannerbrite Badge of Honour for Snowolf (Imp AUST) (BISS NZ Ch) (Giselle Fletcher)
NZ Bannerbrite Breathing Fire at Snowolf (imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Giselle Fletcher & Laura Simpson)
NZ Gus of Subahka SDCH (CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Inuvik Joie De Vive (CH) (Mrs Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Kiriay Double Oh Seven (exp Singapore) (Malaysian & NZ Ch) (Ms Rae Bank (NZ) Hadi Santoso (Indo))
NZ Kiriay Grey Gem at Snowolf (BISS Ch) (Pat & Mike Stebbings)
NZ Kiwidinok Birth of a Legend (Sharmia Theodore & Nardine Theodore)
NZ Kiwidinok Courage Under Fire SDX (BISS) (Sharmia Theodore & Nardine Theodore)
NZ Kiwidinok Fire Meet Gasoline (Nardine Theodore)
NZ Kiwidinok Hi My Name Is (CH) (Nardine Theodore)
NZ Kiwidinok Kindred-Spirit SDCH (CH) (Nardine & Sharmia Theodore)
NZ Kiwidinok Triple Tribute (D Dunlop, N & S Theodore)
NZ Kuvinaad Arjun SDX (CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Lihuk Empire Strikes Bak (Imp Aust) (Multi BIS NZ Indo/Malaysian/NZ Grand Ch) (S Halliday & T Letele - Alyeshka Kennels)
NZ Lihuk Star Attraction (Imp.Aust) (NZ.CH) (Katie Maywood)
NZ Melandar Heaven's Halo SDX (CH) (Nardine Theodore)
NZ Melandar Iced Gemma SDCH (CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Melandar Joneka (NZ CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Melandar Kishka SDX (CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Melandar National Dream SDCH (BISS CH) (Nardine Theodore & Lisa Cavanagh)
NZ Melandar Wild Fire (RBISS NZ CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Osterrichi Alyeska Envy SDCH (Ch) (Ms Rae Bank)
NZ Sharivar Meshik SDCH (Multi BISS Ch) (Ms Rae Bank)
NZ Sibaska Valentino Miami (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Sibelk Striding Edge (Imp Aust) (BIS Aust Grand Ch & NZ Grand Ch) (Alyeshka Kennels)
NZ Snowolf DaVinci's Dream (CH & SPL GR CH) (Giselle Fletcher)
NZ Snowolf Golden Insignia (BISS CH) (L Eksteen & R Scheepers)
NZ Snowolf Hot 'n Spicy (BISS Ch) (Giselle Fletcher)
NZ Snowolf Life's Adventure (Liesl Eksteen and Giselle Jeannes)
NZ Snowolf Secret Santa (Ch) (L Eksteen & R Scheepers)
NZ Snowolf The Devil Wears Prada at Charizelle (RBISS NZ Ch) (Giselle Fletcher)
NZ Starscape Enchanted (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch   ) (Gayleen Speeden)
NZ Subahka Aurora Hues of Jade (BISS CH) (S O'Hara / D & H Wald)
NZ Subahka Chasin The Dream SDCH (BISS CH) (Nardine Theodore, H & D Wald)
NZ Subahka Dodging The Storm SDCH (CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Subahka Gemz Jade SDCH (CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Subahka Gemz Onyx SDCH (RBISS CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Subahka Luna Eclipse (NZ CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Subahka Mystik SDCH (CH) (R & N Theodore)
NZ Subahka Wild Fire Ruby (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Subahka Winters Breeze SDCH (CH) (Deane & Heather Wald)
NZ Tiji's All American Girl ( imp USA) (NZ Ch) (M Quinn, R Bank,)

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