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NZ Ch Dinda Hi Fly'n Fashion (deceased)

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NZ Airam Asya N Black (Ch) (Airam Kennels)
NZ Airam Dash O Black Pepper (CH) (M Devery)
NZ Airam Frosted N Silver (Airam Kennels)
NZ Airam Stirl'ng Silver (Ch) (Airam Kennels)
NZ Airam Tri A Nice Reprint (NZ Ch) (Airam Kennels)
NZ Beauideal Celeste (Imp Aust) (BISS NZ Ch) (Kelly Martin)
NZ Beauideal Midnight Rush (Imp Aus) (Aus Sup Ch & NZ Gr Ch) (Kelly Martin)
NZ Beauideal Rock My World (Aust Supreme Ch, NZ Supreme Ch & NZ Specialist Grand Ch) (R & K Martin)
NZ Dinda Doing New Business (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Dress Rehearsal (deceased) (BIG & RBIG NZ Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Footlight Frolic (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Hi Fly'n Fashion (deceased) (NZ Ch) (N/a)
NZ Dinda Just Plain Nice (deceased) (NZ Ch) (N/a)
NZ Dinda Nice N Plain (Deceased) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Rolling N Riches (Multi BIG & RBIG NZ Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Steal The Night (deceased) (Multi RBIS, Multi BIG & Multi RBIG NZ Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Steal'n the Fashion (deceased) (RBIS, Multi BIG & RBIG NZ Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Top of the Playbill (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Dinda Witch Business (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Edenmist Top Billing (deceased) (BIS NZ Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Hartly How Touching (Imp Aust) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Hillswick Sorcerers Apprentice (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Kentaza Burnished In Bronze (Jenny Kent)
NZ Kumbirra Pure Fantasy (Imp Aust) (Airam Kennels)
NZ Lavika Moonshine (Imp UK) to Aust (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Lyndream Cartier’s Creation (Kelly Martin)
NZ Marsula Maid to Order (Imp Aust) (Ch) (Maria Devery)
NZ Nedsur U Know U Love Me (imp Aust) (NZ Ch & Aust Ch) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Nightwood Did I Do That (imp Aust) (Barbara Hearn)
NZ Romanoc All Grace N Knickers (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Romanoc Daelee Odae (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Romanoc Kiwi Krusader (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Romanoc Maeden Krusade (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Romanoc Monaye (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Romanoc Revelation (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Shatrin Legally Blonde (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Shelbrae Stylish Me (NZ CH) (Peter & Rosemary Richards)
NZ Shelbronze Causen Astorm (AUST CH ( IMP AUST)) (Jenny Kent)
NZ Shelbronze Etched In Gold ( Imp Aust ) (Jenny Kent)
NZ Sheltalyn Supernatural (Imp Aus) (BIS CH) (Rosalie & Kelly Martin)
NZ Shelton Byond Th' Starz (Ch) (Lavina Diamanti)
NZ Shelton Gottalove th' Look (Ch) (Lavina Diamanti)
NZ Shelton Miles O Sand (Lavina Diamanti)
NZ Shelton Troupador (Multi BISS, Multi RBISS, RBIS Spl Gr Ch) (Lavina Diamanti)

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