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NZ CHAMP Wuyu On The Darkside Of The Moon
(P Jamieson)

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NZ Evsars Creamy Pebbels (NZ & Aust) (Chuck Evans)
NZ Manchouria S Black Pearl To WuYu (Imp Aust) (NZ Champ) (P Jamieson)
NZ Matgos Going To Wuyu (imp Aust) (NZ CHAMP) (P Jamieson)
NZ Roseleah Will Wuyu (Ch) (P Jamieson)
NZ Rustic Whispers To Wuyu (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu Crinkle Cut (NZ CH) (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu Ginger Kisses (Champ) (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu In Madison Sq (Ch) (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu On The Darkside Of The Moon (NZ CHAMP) (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu On Xmas Eve (NZ Champ) (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu Orange Crush (Ch) (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu Out Of This World (NZ CHAMP) (P Jamieson)
NZ Wuyu Simply Red (Champion) (P Jamieson & H Willcock)
NZ Wuyu The Mask Of Zorro (Ch) (P Jamieson)
NZ Xioping Rosey Cotton Onto Wuyu (Imp Aust) (NZ CHAMP) (P Jamieson)

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