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NZ & Aust Champion Wulfgar Triple H
(Leanne McTear and Kimberley Frazer)

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NZ Wulfgar Its Hard ToBe An Angel (NZ CHAMPION) (Leanne McTear and Soile Gendle)
NZ Wulfgar Triple H (NZ & Aust Champion) (Leanne McTear and Kimberley Frazer)
NZ Zauberei Black Magic Maestro (NZ Champion) (Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei Got You Unda My Spell (CH) (Jocelyn Field/Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei In Omnia Paratus (Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei Russian Magic Spell (NZ Champion) (Ms Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei Xclusive By Ramos (NZ GRAND CHAMPION) (Leanne McTear/Emma Case Peters)
NZ Zauberei Xquisite By Ramos (SPR Champion) (Jocelyn Field / Leanne McTear)

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