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NZ Asay Clever Trever (NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Asay IN It To Win It (NZ Champion) (Ann van GIjs)
NZ Asay Pop The Cork At Hugapug (NZ Ch) (Ann van Gijs and Donna Tolladay)
NZ Birsay Chip Of TheBloc (Aust CH , BIS NZ CH) (Pam & Karen Bell & Blair Russell)
NZ Birsay Imhandsome. (NZ BIS RBIS BISS RBISS CH, AUST RBIS CH) (Lea Clarke.)
NZ Cantravieso Mr Grand (Imp Poland) (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Chelseacourt CPT Fantastic At Chopsticks (L Clarke)
NZ Chelseacourt Guang Zhou (Lea Clarke.)
NZ Chelseacourt Yu Peiking (Lea Clarke.)
NZ Chopsticks Get Out Of My Way. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Gift Of The Gab (L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks Glori Midori (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Gotta Ruff Daddy. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks Pugs)
NZ Chopsticks Im Marvellous (L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks KissmeQT (D Tolladay-L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks Kungfu Suey (NZ Champion) (L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks Maka Move On Me (L Clarke)
NZ Chopsticks UCan Bite My Cake. (NZ Champion) (Chopsticks)
NZ Chopsticks Witch Hunter (Chopsticks Pugs NZ)
NZ Christabell Fizzin It Upp (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Gin On The Rocks (RUBISS) (Karen & Pam Bell - Christabell Kennels)
NZ Christabell Hanna's Jem (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Jem's Nu Addition (NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Out Of This World (USA AI ) (Karen & Pam Bell - Christabell Kennels)
NZ Christabell Rocky's Delight (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Christabell Sting like A Bee (Karen and Pam Bell - Christabell)
NZ Christabell Super Bee (MULTI BISS, MULTI BIS, RUBIS NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Cosmique Teddy Bear (Judith Henderson)
NZ Didiel Andes El Chancacazo - Imp Chile (BIS & RBIS NZ Ch) (Ashleigh & Dianne Rogers)
NZ Ehfi Ole Gunnar of Norway at Asay ( Imp Nor ) (Gold Merit, BIS, Multi BISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Ehfi's Design A Dream For Glomar (Imp Norway) (NZ BIS BISS GRAND Ch) (Penny Ward & Roy Ward)
NZ Forrestblack Box O’ Choclates (Tanya Dowd)
NZ Glomar Coco Chanel (NZ RBIS BISS Ch) (Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Dixieland Devil (NZ Ch.) (Penny Ward)
NZ Glomar I'm A Hot Shot (NZ RBIS Ch.) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Ican Call The Shots (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mrs P Calman)
NZ Glomar Ican Sing Upa Storm (NZ BISS Ch) (Mrs Penny Calman & Mrs Pauline Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Jay L Munz (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mr G Cooper)
NZ Glomar Louis Vuitton (AUST & NZ BIS BISS Ch.) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Pagan Playboy (NZ BIS Multi RBIS BISS Champion) (Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Rain On Your Parade (NZ Ch.) (Penny Calman & Pauline Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Ready To Rock (NZ Ch) (Pauline Baylis & Penny Ward)
NZ Glomar Rhythm N Time (NZ RBISS Ch) (Mrs P Calman & Mrs P Bayliss)
NZ Glomar Rhythm Of The Rain (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Rock 'N' Roll (Aust & NZ BISS Ch) (Mrs P Calman)
NZ Glomar Rock On (NZ BISS Ch.) (Mrs Penny Calman)
NZ Glomar Roll of The Dice (Gold , Emerald and Sapphire ( 70 cc's ) Merit, Multi RBIS, Multi RBISS NZ CH) (Ann van Gijs)
NZ Glomar The One And Only (NZ BIS BISS Ch.) (Penny Ward)
NZ Highlandowns Isle of Skye (NZ BISS CH) (Russ and Gail Kirton)
NZ Highlandowns Samuel- (Champion) (Russ and Gail Kirton)
NZ Highlandowns Winter Rose (Russ and Gail Kirton)
NZ Hytop Ruff N Ready (imp aust) (NZ (Allbreeds) NZ BIS RBIS Ch- Aust Ch) (L Clarke)
NZ Ironsands Wanna Be A Cowboy ( Multi RBIS RBISS NZ Ch   ) (M Muir & L Clarke)
NZ Moyvane Bridie (Champion) (Merle Sayles)
NZ Moyvane Rockie Road (BISS NZ Champion) (Merle Sayles)
NZ Moyvane Rocky's Queen B at Christabell (BISS, 3 X RUBISS NZ CH) (Karen & Pam Bell)
NZ Oasis Flash Dream Image (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Grand Dzgn (NZ CH) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Just So Sassy (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis One With Total Style (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Oasis Truely So (NZ Ch) (Rose Elle)
NZ Obsidion Fortune Cookie At Glomar (Imp Aust) (Aust BIS & NZ BIS BISS GRAND Ch) (Penny Ward)
NZ Pickapug At The Pinacle Imp Aust. (NZ RBISS Ch & Multi BIS RBIS Supreme Champion) (J Williams B Sorenson L Clarke)
NZ Pisces Scarlet Mistic Moon (Mrs Lorraine Drinnan)
NZ Punia Pedal Of Pugcity (Lorraine Drinnan)
NZ Saylecrest Benjamin (Ch) (Gail and Russ Kirton)
NZ Saylecrest Goodnight Moon (NZ Ch) (Merle Sayles)
NZ Saylecrest Jive Bunny (Merle and Margaret Sayles)
NZ Saylecrest Pandora's Box (Ch) (Merle and Margaret Sayles)
NZ Saylecrest Spacerunner (CH) (Merle and Margaret Sayles)
NZ Saylecrest The Last Waltz (BISS-RBISS Champion) (Merle and Margaret Sayles)
NZ Shavella My Choice (NZ BIS BISS GRAND & Aust BIS BISS GRAND Ch) (Mrs P Calman & Mrs J Hudson)
NZ Sweetess I Have A Dream - Imp Aust (BIS & RBISS NZ Ch) (A Rogers, A Ancell & K De Freitas)
NZ Sweetess Miss Sophie - IMP AUST (Multi BIG/RBIG Aust/NZ CH) (Ashleigh Rogers)
NZ Tai Yuan Fine Art (NZ CH) (A Rogers, C Tippett and S Sandford)
NZ Tai Yuan Total Knock Out (BIS & RBIS NZ Ch) (Ashleigh & Dianne Rogers)

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