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New Zealand Champion Bryhur Firenze
(Sandra Hutton)

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NZ Amadeus Of Musicaldaz (Ms Patricia)
NZ Bryhur Firenze (New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
NZ Bryhur Ma Fleur de Feu (Ch) (Bryony Hurden)
NZ Bryhur She's Hot Stuff (B J Hurden)
NZ Chamarre's Oh So Charming (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NZ Chamarre's Special Edition (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NZ China Girl At Chamarre (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NZ Fancy Pants For Whitout (BIS BISS NZ Ch) (Mrs E L Rowe & Mrs W E Jellyman)
NZ Fancy That At Whitout (NZ Ch) (Mrs Erica Rowe & Mrs W E Jellyman)
NZ Fantasy In Silver At Whitout (New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
NZ Hillani Translantic Silvastar[imp Aust] (New Zealand Champion) (Wendy E Jellyman)
NZ Horizon's Chamarre Kiwi Charm (USA) (AM CH & NZ CH) (Mrs Pam Saville)
NZ Horizons Avant - Garde at LLawen (Imp.USA ) (American Champion and New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
NZ Inchcolm A Single Malt (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Flying Solo (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Game Set N Match (NZ Ch) (Lucy Lynch & Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm La Bamba (Ch) (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm La Vida Loca (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Legally Blonde (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Raise Your Glass (Ch) (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Ready To Rock 'N Roll (Ch) (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Kateisha Focal Point (NZ CH) (Y Smith & J F Stanton)
NZ Kateisha Giorgia On My Mind At Westpriors (Aust & NZ CH) (J F Stanton & Y Smith)
NZ Kateisha Matchpoint (NZ CH) (JF Stanton & Y Smith)
NZ Kateisha P'Jama Power (Aust & NZ CH) (JF Stanton & Y Smith)
NZ Kateisha The Guy N'PJamas (NZ CH) (J Stanton, Y Smith)
NZ Moon Shadow over Whitout (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NZ Myflair JustMy Style ( Imp. Aus. ) (New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
NZ Sexi N Silva From Whitout (Mrs Pam Saville)
NZ Starstruck Armani (Ms Patricia Wiseman)
NZ Top Gear By Whitout (BISS CH) (W and E Jellyman)
NZ Wynot My White Knight (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NZ Zakiya Guiding Light (NZ CH) (T & C Healy)

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