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Tribble Envy me In Oz
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NZ Carleez Home Run Derby (imp Usa) (NZCH & AM CH) (Annette Ironside)
NZ Ferona Won Top Model (imp Aus) (Trish Tribble)
NZ I EM MA duchess of Tribble (Trish Tribble)
NZ Mango Super Boy (HK) (NZ Ch) (Denise Clark & Mr Wa)
NZ Pencara Rainbow Princess (Caz & Penny)
NSW Pencara Mika (Daina & Berit Hanley)
NSW Pencara Peta Cottontail (Jill McMahon)
NSW Pencara Pocahontas (Jill McMahon)
NSW Pencara Shakira (Grant & Pam Hollis)
NZ Pencara Shalimar (Caz & Penny)
NSW Pencara Finding Nemo (Caroline Carter)
NZ Pencara Koru Haka (C D Carter)
NZ Pencara Miss Kardashian (C . Carter)
NZ Pencara Sabrina (C D Carter)
NSW Pencara Sweet Adrianna (Edwina Lee)
NZ Ponoka Brandy Snaps (NZ CH) (T Tribble)
NZ Renoir Bringn Sexy Back (Annette Ironside)
NZ Renoir The Crowd Goes Wild (NZ CH) (Trish Tribble)
NZ Renoir Uno Im Th Won (A Ironside)
NZ Te Pampas Apomic Bomb (NZ CH) (T Tribble)
NZ Tribble A Work of Art (NZ CH) (Trish Tribble)
NZ Tribble Cause of Gossip (T Tribble)
NZ Tribble Envy me In Oz (T Tribble/Y Rolfe)
NZ Tribble Waitangi Wahini (Trish Tribble)

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