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BISS NZ CH Cheseterhope Catch 'N Dazzle
(Diane O'Neill)

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NZ Cheseterhope Catch 'N Dazzle (BISS NZ CH) (Diane O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Black Magic (BIS BISS NZ GRAND CH) (Diane O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Lets Be Serious (NZ GRAND CH. AUST CH & ENG CH) (D O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Master of T Arts (Nz Ch) (D & J O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Masterpiece (D & J O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Play it Again (NZ & AUST CH) (J & D O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Rise 'N' On Up (NZ CH) (Diane O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope State of T Art (AM, AUST GRAND & NZ SUPREME CH) (Diane & Jordyn O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Stormn Normn (NZ CH) (Tracy Loomes)
NZ Chesterhope The Game (NZ GRAND CH) (D, J & C O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Top of T Range (J & D O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Twist Of Fate (NZ SPECIALTY GRAND CH) (Diane O'Neill)
NZ Chesterhope Work of Art (D & J O'Neill)
NZ Crookrise Liam of Ponsonby (imp UK) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Kanix Mario At Robwyn (IMP-UK) (Grand Ch (Subj to DNZ Confirmation)) (P Robinson & K Wilberg)
NZ Pinerock Better In Black (John and Jenny Hamilton)
NZ Pinerock Hello Vera (NZ Champion) (Jenny Hamilton - Pinerock Pointers)
NZ Pinerock Maybee Baby (RIS Ch) (Jenny Hamilton)
NZ Pinerock Play The Game (Jenny Hamilton)
NZ Pinerock Wot Will Be (CH) (Jenny Hamilton)
NZ Porthcurno The Right Stuff (Ch) (Alan & Lyn Dunscombe)
NZ Porthcurno Touchin Wood (NZ Grand Ch) (Alan & Lyn Dunscombe)
NZ Robwyn London Fog (Paul Robinson)
NZ Robwyn Smell The Roses (NZ Grand Ch) (Paul H Robinson)
NZ Robwyn Touch Of Gold (BIS BISS NZ GRAND CH) (Diane O'Neill)
NZ Sanmarlitch Moonshine Mango (imp AUST) (NZ CH) (Jenny Hamilton)
NZ Sanmarlitch TooGoodTobeTrue (impAust) (NZ ch) (Jenny hamilton)

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