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Omaggio Feliciana (imp-aust)
(T Forrest)

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NZ Bullstate Balzzack (N.Z. CH) (Erica Whaiapu)
NZ Dellaforte Azaria (C Alexander)
NZ Dellaforte Bella (C Alexander)
NZ Dellaforte Cassius (R R & M L Vaughan and C Alexander)
NZ Dellaforte Flamethrower (L Phillips)
NZ Delsanto Iscah at Toawhaiapu Kennels (Anaru and Erica Whaiapu)
NZ Eterno Harper At Dellaforte (imp-aust) (C Alexander)
NZ Guardiano Andromeda (NZ CH) (Miss Cindy Alexander)
NZ Guardiano Aphrodite (Guardiano)
NZ Guardiano Auroras Australis (L.Phillips)
NZ Guardiano Dusk Til Dawn (NZ CH) (C Alexander)
NZ Guardiano Orso Nero (NZ CH) (Guardiano Mastini)
NZ Italiano Vulken (T Forrest)
NZ Magnufi Quinto Della Forte (imp-aust) (C Alexander)
NZ Omaggio Feliciana (imp-aust) (T Forrest)
NZ Quake Down Under (L Phillips)
NZ Toawhaiapu Grands Litle Boy (anaru and Erica Whaiapu)
NZ Toawhaiapu Grands Little Boy (Anaru and Erica Whaiapu)
NZ Toawhaiapu Kotiro Pepe (Anaru and Erica Whaiapu)
NZ Toawhaiapu Thors Kaha Tane (Anaru and Erica Whaiapu)
NZ Vecchio Mario (NZ CH) (Miss Cindy Alexander)

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