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NZ.CH. Croftsway Oprah The Star
(Julie Bedford-Pope)

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NZ AlpyneAir Coast to Coast (AI) (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Sharon Grant & Brooklyn McDonald)
NZ AlpyneAir Double Exposure (Imp Aust) (Mrs S Grant and Mrs C Mc Donald)
NZ Arohalane Kinder (Simon Monson)
NZ Ashdale Flame N Red Hot At Cowanheights (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Ashdale Mid-Knight Tango With Cowanheights (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Ashdale Ruby Red Dress (Steph Benfell)
NZ Ashdale Ryding-Sky High [AI] (Denise Roberts)
NZ Ashdale Tequila Sunrise At Cowanheights (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon R Monson)
NZ Berolee William Trigg (imp UK ) (BISS  RBISS   NZ Champion) (Blackhills Labradors)
NZ Blackhills Arianna (AI) (NZ Champion) (Trisha Hallmond)
NZ Blackhills Calm The Farm (ai) (New Zealand Champion) (Trisha)
NZ Blackhills Isabella (ai) (New Zealand Champion) (Mrs Rhonda L Ward & Mrs P Hallmond)
NZ Blackhills Michelangelo (AI) (Multi BISS NZ CHAMPION) (Trisha Hallmond)
NZ Blackhills Moonlight Arthur (Todd Anderson)
NZ Blackhills Star of David (Trisha Hallmond)
NZ Blackhills Storms Never Last (ai) (Trisha)
NZ Blackhills Stowaway (NZ CHAMPION) (Kathleen Wynyard)
NZ Blackhills Sweetest Of All (ai) (Trisha Hallmond)
NZ Blackhills Yale (New Zealand Champion) (Blackhills Labradors)
NZ Blackwing Laffite (Imp.USA) (Multi BISS AMERICAN & NZ.CHAMPION) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Bon Ami Chocolate Kiss (Sharon Grant)
NZ Boskyrhomb Mangara (Catherine McFaul)
NZ Brackenlodge Cross Ya Heart To Sarasota (NZCH) (Ann Van Gijs and Libby Henderson)
NZ Bradorla Counter Measure (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Bevan Thorby / Angela Murray)
NZ Bruiser Of Lonegums (NZ Ch) (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Carrickview Black Pepper (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
NZ Carrickview Jane Hathaway (Mrs S L Benfell)
NZ Carrickview Rock Angel (Mrs S L Benfell)
NZ Catraz Come Fly With Me (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Champagne of Dana (Mrs Coralee Catley)
NZ Cornerstone Peek A Blue (NZ Ch) (Claire Penno)
NZ Cowanheights All Aces (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Cowanheights Fade To Black (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Cowanheights Talk Of The Town (RBISS NZ CH) (Mr Simon Monson)
NZ Croftsway Tis Tilly (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Real Blonde (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Can I Dance With You (Mrs C Catley - Mr MR Catley)
NZ Croftsway Casino Royale (AI) (Mr M. and Mrs C. Catley)
NZ Croftsway Cherry Ripe (ai) (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Colonel Jackson (ai) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Film Star (ai) (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway First Knight (BISS NZ GRAND Ch) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Foolish Rumour (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Good Lorde (Ch) (Angela Murray)
NZ Croftsway Icing Sugar (RBISS NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Margarita (Multi BISS RBISS NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway One Starry Night (ai) (RBISS NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Oprah The Star (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Salute to Uncle Sam (Ch) (Mrs Coralee Catley & Mrs J Bedford Pope)
NZ Croftsway Shining Star (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway That's My Girl (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Tilly (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Tommee (ai) (Multi BISS NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Topless Dancer (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Vegas Show Girl (ai) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Viva Las Vegas (ai) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Croftsway Watch Me Dance (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Dana Black Mistress (Mrs C Catley)
NZ Dana Chase a Rainbow (Mrs Coralee Catley)
NZ Dana Raintree County (Mrs Coralee Catley)
NZ Dana Storm Chaser (CH) (Mrs Coralee Catley)
NZ Driftway Moonlite Expres (Imp.Aust) (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope)
NZ Eagertrieves Downtown Brown (Imp.Canada) (NZ & CAN.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope & Raymond Attard)
NZ Ella Elle L'a Of Lonegum (NZ Ch) (Mr Simon R Monson)
NZ Eternal Flame Of Awahiwi (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
NZ Eventide All Black (Angela Murray)
NZ Eventide Sonny Bill (Ch) (Angela Murray)
NZ Eventide Southern Cross (CH) (Angela Murray)
NZ Flagstaff California Blues (NZ Ch) (Claire Penno)
NZ Flagstaff Sentimental Jrney (Claire Penno)
NZ Flagstaff Total Eclipse (Claire Penno)
NZ Glenstar Rising from th Ashes (NZ CH) (LJ Hanson)
NZ Jetsun Sweetheart (Ch) (Angela Murray)
NZ Kirkdell Bobby Dazzler (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (Sharon Grant)
NZ Kirkdell Image (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Sharon Grant)
NZ Kirkdell Liberty (Imp Aust) (NZ Champ) (Sharon Grant)
NZ Kroppsmarken Simply the Best (imp Swed) (NZ CHAMPION) (Blackhills and Willowspring Labradors)
NZ Kyeburn Up Beat Tempo (Ailsa Douglas)
NZ Mistybrook Maigret (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Make Mine Mink (BISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Man Of Vision (NZ Ch) (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Matthais (Multi BISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Maybelline (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Meet Pandora (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mona Lisa (Multi RBISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mr Bojangles CGC (Multi RBISS NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mr Sandman (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook Mustang Sally CGC (NZ Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Mistybrook My Viva La Vida (Peter and Jan Wallace)
NZ Moutere Abbaye De Citeaux (Catherine McFaul)
NZ Ohakuri Southern Man (Lilly Lansdell)
NZ Outback Jack Of Awahiwi (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
NSW Play The Fool Bella Mare (Imported Poland) (NZ.CH.) (Julie Bedford-Pope & Raymond Attard)
NZ Riverlands Walk the Line (AI) (Aust Ch and NZ Champion) (Willowspring Labradors)
NZ Riverlea Learning To Fly At Dorimor (Mrs S L Benfell)
NZ Roughfield Rhythm of the Rain at Flagstaff (NZ Ch) (Claire Penno)
NZ Sarasota Didya See Me (Libby Henderson)
NZ Sarasota no bones about it (Nz CH) (Libby Henderson)
NZ Sarasota Swap Ya Secrets (nzch) (Ann Van Gijs)
NZ Sarasota Ya Got It In One (NZ Gr Ch) (Mrs L Henderson)
NZ Southerly Denniston Coal to Blackhills (ai) (Blackhills Labradors)
NZ Southerly Undercover Agent (BISS NZ Grand Ch) (Peter & Jan Wallace)
NZ Speagles Ellard (Mrs S L Benfell)
NZ Starlight Of Awahiwi (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
VIC Terracarol Jadon (AUST. CH.) (Coolavin Kennel)
NZ Tuscan Ace of Hearts (AI) (Royce Neville)
NZ Tuscan Bright Eyes (AI) (Ch) (Jess Rodley)
NZ Tusscan No Shadow of a Doubt (Imp-Aust) (NZ Ch) (Jess Rodley)
VIC Viewpoint Margaux (Catherine McFaul)
NZ Willowspring This is it (ai ) (New Zealand Champion) (Trisha Hallmond)
NZ Willowspring Bella Italiana (AI) (NZ Champion) (Kathleen Wynyard)
NZ Willowspring Blues Magic (AI) (NZ Ch) (Kathleen Wynyard)
NZ Willowspring For The Fallen (A.I) (Kathleen Wynyard)
NZ Willowspring Im In Fiamme (AI) (Kathleen Wynyard)
NZ Willowspring Lest We Forget (NZ CH) (Kathleen and Hollie Wynyard)
NZ Willowspring Summer Breeze (Kathleen Wynyard)
NZ Windrush Bradymoor Beauty (Mrs Catherine Reilly)
NZ Wynstream Limited Edition (AI) Aust Import (Julie McLaurin)
NZ Wynstream Wing Master (Imp Aus) (NZ CH) (Richard and Ailsa Douglas)
NZ Wynstream Wishing on a Star. (Imp Aus) (NZ CH) (Mrs Ailsa Douglas)

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