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NZ Hayton's Talizman (AmG & NZCh) (Mr B Setty & D Clark)
NZ Kamagh Do You Not Know Who I Am (NZ Ch) (Anastasia Shadrina)
NZ Legeartis As You Like It (NZ Ch) (Anastasia Shadrina)
NZ Legeartis Calina Krasna at Shado-Lans (Nz Ch) (Anastasia Shadrina)
NZ Legeartis Katyusha (NZ CH) (Anastasia Shadrina)
NZ Mick Jagger Of The Crazy Blu For Aryakas (Italy) (NZ & Sp Ch) (Denise Clark)
NZ Shado-Lans Sippin' Tequila (Nz Ch) (Anastasia Shadrina)

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