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NZ ch Zoendy Join The Dots
(Wendy & O'More)

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NZ Accolade A Little Bit of Irish at Zoendy (Wendy O'More)
NZ Ashlands Mastercard (Ch) (Wendy O'More)
NZ Gershopoin Just Drew It (imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Linda C. Strongman)
NZ Hollybrook A Glass of Shandy (Ch  ) (Jeanette Jack)
NZ Hollybrook Bobby Dazzler (AUST Sup Ch / NZ Ch) (Jeanette Jack)
NZ Hollybrook Queen of Hesrts (Linda C. Strongman)
NZ Hollybrook Ruff'n'Ready (Gr Ch) (Jeanette Jack)
NZ Imlay Francesca (Kathy McCarthy)
NZ Leila dei Due Leoni (Imp ITA) (Kathy McCarthy)
NZ Llessur Baccarat (NZ CH) (Joanne Knighton)
NZ Llessur Bet The Farm (Joanne Knighton)
NZ Llessur Hot Toddy of Heatherbell (SaF and NZ CH) (Heather van de Vyver)
NZ Llessur Just Drawn To It (Linda C. Strongman)
NZ Zoendy Fly For Fashion (Wendy O'More)
NZ Zoendy Harliquinn (Wendy O'More)
NZ Zoendy Join The Dots (NZ ch) (Wendy & O'More)
NZ Zoendy Maggie Mae (NZ ch) (Wendy O'More)
NZ Zoendy Ruby N Diamonds (NZ Ch) (Wendy and Graham Bugden)
NZ Zoendy Selene (NZ CH) (Joanne Knighton)
NZ Zoendy Ziggi Stardust (W O'More)

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