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Beesholme Babsy Magoo
(Jackie Howell)

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NZ Amorosa Constance (Jackie Howell)
NZ Beesholme Babsy Magoo (Jackie Howell)
NZ Beesholme On Cloud Nine (CH) (C McPhail & A Waghorn)
NZ Beesholme Sticky Wicket (Jackie Howell)
NZ Merikaez Yorick (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Jackie Howell)
NZ Moonstruck Eeka Mouse (NZ Ch) (Jackie Howell)
NZ Moonstruck Gentle Breeze (CH) (Caitlin McPhail)
NZ Skyefall Heart of Gold (Imp Aust) (Jackie Howell & Heather Straka)
NZ Tuarua Tabu at Beesholme (Jackie Howell)
NZ Tunamara Sugar Rush (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (C McPhail, J Howell and H Straka)
NZ Tunamara Sugar Rush (Imp Aust) (Jackie Howell, Caitlin McPhail, Heather)

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