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Ch Winterlea Sweet N Sassy
(Judith Hyslop)

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NZ Amhurst Borrowed Heaven (IMP AUS) (RBISS) (Joanne Day)
NZ Briongloid Gaelic Dubliner (Joanne Day)
NZ Briongloid Gaelic Girl (Joanne Day)
NZ Briongloid Valentine Dream (Matthew Day)
NZ Cianroninnis Gift to Karamu (Imp Aust) (Kim Murray)
NZ Coppers Midsummer Magic (Imp SWD) (NZ CH) (Matthew & Joanne Day)
NZ Garvagh Eternal Flame (CH) (M Lawrence & C McManus)
NZ Garvagh Ode To killanin (Mark Lawrence & Catherine McManus)
NZ Gwyndara Leave Me Breathless (Imp AUST) (NZ GR CH) (M Lawrence, C McManus, T & L Jones)
NZ Karamu Double Image (Kim Murray)
NZ Karamu Double Twist (NZ Ch) (Kim Murray)
NZ Karamu Elegant Fusion (Kim Murray)
NZ Karamu Enough Said (Kim Murray)
NZ Karamu Enough Said (Kim Murray)
NZ Karamu Fine Design (NZ Ch) (Ms Rosemarie Cavaney)
NZ Karamu Follow my Lead (Kim Murray)
NZ Karamu Share the Dream (BIS, BISS CH & SPL GR CH) (Wendy van Diepen)
NZ Karamu Simply Irresistable (K Murray)
NZ Karamu Singular Sensation (CH   ) (Kim & Ashley Murray)
NZ Karamu Steal the Dream (NZ Ch) (Kim Murray)
NZ Karamu Time to Dream (BISS NZ Ch) (Ashley Murray)
NZ Lanascol Jump The Gun (Ch) (Mark Lawrence & Catherine McManus)
NZ Lanascol Just Admire Me (NZ Ch) (Kim Murray)
NZ Lanascol Time After Time (NZ SPR CH) (Carolyn Cederman)
NZ Lanascol Upon A Star (NZ Ch) (Ms Rosemarie Cavaney)
NZ Lanascol Was This The Answer (CH) (Carolyn Cederman)
NZ Martinridge Blarney Kiss (Imp AUS) (NZ Ch) (Mark Lawrence & Catherine McManus)
NZ Rhiannon Rio Grande (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Kim & Ashley Murray)
NZ Solasdas Copper Ruse (IMP AUS) (NZ CH) (Joanne Day)
NZ Solasdas Fortune Underground (imp Aus) (BISS) (Joanne & Matthew Day)
NZ Strabahn in Retrospect (NZ Ch) (Kim Murray)
NZ Winterlea Bohemian Rhapsody (CH) (Mark Lawrence & Catherine McManus)
NZ Winterlea Sweet N Sassy (Ch) (Judith Hyslop)
NZ Winterlea Whisper O Pride (AI) CGCB RN (CH) (Sarah Asher)
NZ Yarramo Song of Ice and Fire (Imp AUST) (Michelle Williamson)

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