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NZ Champion Hanafor Chavanel Denara (Imp Aust)
(Pippa Lintott)

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NZ Addenhund Alchemy Tahlia (Jude Addenbrooke)
NZ Barat Amber Flight (Ch) (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Faery Fyglia Phoenix (CH) (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Hell On A Harley (Cherie & Ian Eastwood & Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Immortal Spirit (Ch) (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Kato Kool Kharma (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Kato Phenix Rising (Ch) (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Qaali's Wisdom (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Spirit of The Hunt (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat Spirits Spicy Pepper (NZ Ch) (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Barat True Heart (NZ Ch) (Anja Borchardt & Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Chulak Ever So Clever (IMP UK) (NZ CH) (Philippa Lintott)
NZ Erdos Jesse James (IMP Aust) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Mrs V T Marsden & Mrs P Lintott)
NZ Erdos Reign Ofire (IMP AUST) (NZ Ch) (Philippa Lintott)
NZ Freeman Beatrix Kiddo (ai) (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
NZ Freeman Donny Donowitz (ai) (C & B Taylor)
NZ Freeman I Have Seen The Rain (Belinda & Chris Taylor)
NZ Freeman Some Kind Of Trouble (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
NZ Granitehill Ungaricum at Ponsonby (imp Hung) (NZ CH) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Hanafor Chavanel Denara (Imp Aust) (NZ Champion) (Pippa Lintott)
NZ Heiderst Hot Chilli (au) (NZ CH) (Kath Lodge & Peter Gillott)
NZ Jovita of Szep-Allat AD (Ch) (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Maggy Mae of Szep-Allat (Ch) (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Mawingo Doug The Dude (Danielle Schouten)
NZ Ponsonby Just Like a Woman (International, Irish & NZ Ch.) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Mr Bojangles (NZ CH) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Mr Tambourine Man (CH) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Pinball Wizard (Champion) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Red Hot N' Sassy (BIS Champion) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Red Hot n'Stunning (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Saffron (Champion) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Spice Girl (Champion) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Tokaji Aszu (Kath Lodge)
NZ Rafoej My-Kugar (Champion) (Jude Addenbrooke)
NZ Rafoej Our Georgia (Champion) (Jude Addenbrooke)
NZ Redmarley Troubadour by Ponsonby (Kath Lodge)
NZ Rochdale Towering Rimu (Ch) (Margaret Cotton)
NZ Rufus Conquerer of Kea (Jenny Hawthorn)
NZ Silverton I See Fire (Pippa Lintott)
NZ Silverton Okos Zsofia (NZ CH) (Philippa Lintott)
NZ Silverton Reign of Yolanda (Champion) (Jude Addenbrooke)
NZ Silverton Taka (Jay & Jane Bennett)
NZ Silverton Zsofia’ Popstar (Pippa Lintott)
NZ Tigar Lily of Szep-Allat QC (Ch) (Jenny Hawthorn)

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