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Sandlewood Belgium Bisquite (AI)

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NZ Arctique Let The Thunda Roll (CH) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique September Rain (NZ & AUST. CH.) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique Summer Rain (CH) (Liz Steed)
NZ Arctique The Rain Maker (CH) (Liz Steed)
NZ Autumn Light at Salhouse (CH) (Carole McNie)
NZ Blairsgold Rio Grande (Bronwen Munro)
NZ Fantango What Happens in Vegas (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Miss J Bedford & Ms J Salvestrin)
NSW Glenaic News Alert(NZ) (AustCH) (A Cooper & G Jackson)
NZ Glentreve Heavens Above at Goldriver (Aust & NZ Ch) (M Black & A Sharp)
NZ Gofetch Mad About the Boy for Drumtreve (Lynley Dummond & Lorraine Handley)
NZ Gofetch Northern Muse for Drumtreve (Lynley Drummond)
NZ Golden Light at Salhouse (CH) (Carole Mcnie)
NZ Goldendream Back N Time (Melanie Snowdon)
NZ Goldenkiwi Time Motion (NZ CH) (M Snowdon/D Edwards)
NZ Goldriver Buddy Holly (M Black & A Sharp)
NZ Goldriver Dreamtime N Par'ee (NZ CH) (Melanie Snowdon)
NZ Goldriver Leader of the Pack (Ch) (Marilyn Black & Angela Sharp)
NZ Goldriver off the radar (Marilyn Black)
NZ Goldriver Oh Donna (Marilyn Black & Angela Sharp)
NZ Goldriver Wake up Little Suzy (Grand Ch) (Marilyn Black & Angela Sharp)
NZ Goldsmith Just a Mo (Ch) (Kirsten Price)
NZ Goldsmith Pass the Salt (Kirsten Price)
NZ Kaparla Back At Goldendream AI (IMP AUST) (Melanie Snowdon)
NZ Kaparla Paint The Town (Ch) (Judith Hyslop)
NZ Mistymoor Catch Me If U Can (NZ Ch) (J & D Cook)
NZ Mistymoor Caught In The Act (NZ Ch) (J Cook)
NZ Mistymoor Don't Get Caught (NZ Ch) (Jan Cook)
NZ Mistymoor Fly Me To The Moon (J Cook)
NZ Mistymoor Kingsman (J Cook)
NZ Mistymoor Maranello (J Cook)
NZ Mistymoor See You Again (J Cook)
NZ Mistymoor Take It To The Limit (J Cook)
NZ Mistymoor That’s Nice (J Cook)
NZ Rowangold Stable Star Harley (C Roff)
NZ Salhouse Siren of Hearts (Carole McNie)
NZ Sandlewood Belgium Bisquite (AI) (Nelson/Gordon/Fleming)
NZ Sandlewood Into-the-Mystic (NZ Ch) (Lynley Drummond)
NZ Sandlewood Order In The Court (NZ Ch) (G Nelson&P Gordon&Y Jin& XG Tang)
NZ Sandlewood Peppermint Patty (Gaye Nelson & Phillida Gordon)
NZ Sandlewood Regal Romanie (NZ CH) (Kelly Dain)
NZ Sandlewood Runa Mile In M'shus (AI) (BISS RUISS NZ CH) (Gaye Nelson & Phillida Gordon)
NZ Sandlewood Runaway Dream (AI) (NZ CH) (Gaye Nelson & Phillida Gordon)
NZ Sandlewood Take - A - Bow (BIS, BISS, CH) (S Fleming, G Nelson & P Gordon)
NZ Sandlewood The Antz Pantz (AI) (G Nelson & P Gordon)
NZ Sandlewood The Drama Queen A.I (Phillida Gordon, Gaye Nelson)
NZ Sandlewood Trixie Beldon (Phillida Gordon and Gaye Nelson)
NZ Sandllewood Runaway Bride (Gaye Nelson & Phillida Gordon)
NZ Scotiagold Willow Shimmer (Hayley Suurenbroek-Butler/ Sue MacDonald)
NZ Seacove Privateer RN (CH.) (D & D Legat and S Asher)
NZ Seacove Swashbuckler (J Bedford)
NZ Seacove Tropical Cruise CD (NZ Ch) (Jan Bedford)
NZ Seacove Windjammer CDX (Spl Gr Ch) (Jan Bedford)
NZ Winterlea Lord O The Manor (CH) (Judith Hyslop)
NZ Winterlea Lord's Image (Ch) (Judith Hyslop)
NZ Winterlea Painted Image (Ch) (Judith Hyslop)

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