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CH Arosa Very Wicked
(D Reichmuth)

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NZ Arosa Ain't He Nice (AI) (CH) (Michele Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa Ain't She Sweet (AI) (CH) (Michele Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa in a Beat (BISS CH) (M L Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa Just Wicked (Multi BISS & RBISS CH) (M L Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa Just Dipped (BISS CH) (M L Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa Lethal Weapon (BISS CH) (M L Reichmuth/H Orchard)
NZ Arosa So Hot in Black (CH) (D Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa ur all class (BISS & RBISS CH) (M L Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa Ur Upperclass (UK SH CH &GR CH & SPL GR CH) (M L Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa Very Wicked (CH) (D Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa Xquisite (M L Reichmuth)
NZ Arosa YNot (CH) (Michele Reichmuth)
NZ Demorz On Fire At Gunpoint (Imp Aust) (NZCH) (Kim Burford)
NZ Falkenhof Gals Gran' Fin-l (Ch) (Kim Burford)
NZ Falkenhof Jive Talkin (Margaret Cotton)
NZ Gunpoint Harley Fantail (Ch) (Kim Burford)
NZ Gunpoint Sky Fire (Kim Burford)
NZ Isara Kurzhaar Backbencher at Ponsonby (NZ CH) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Isara Kurzhaar Invaluable for Ponsonby (imp UK) (NZ CH) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Itsgottabe Brd Ina Gildd Cage (Shaun Ireland & Fiona Ireland)
NZ Jagdhunde Untill Forever (CH & SPL GR CH) (Mr Shaun Ireland)
NZ Kiokio Conrad (Ch) (Abi Richmond)
NZ Legacyk Rockin' at Arosa (Imp Can) (CAN CH/NZ CH) (M L Reichmuth)
NZ Lionspoint Gracie's Legacee (CH) (Kelly Elson)
NZ Lionspoint Heavens Legacee (NZ CH) (Kelly Elson)
NZ Lionspoint Lone Star (CH) (Kelly Elson)
NZ Lionspoint Moonlite Legacee RN (CH) (Kelly Elson)
NZ Ponsonby Sgt Pepper (CH) (Kath Lodge)
NZ Ponsonby Sparkling-Moet (Kath Lodge)
NZ Starfire Of Gunpoint (Kim Burford)
NZ Waimanu Fern (NZ Ch) (Margaret Cotton)
NZ Woodwych Thriller at Gunpoint (Imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Kim Burford)

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