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CH Titan's Laf it Up Fuzzball
(S&L Lovell and J Klennar)

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NZ Apollo Treize De Centaine (Andria Gibson)
NZ Astre Dare T Take Onth' Dragon At Tuiwood (J Richards)
NZ Astre Girl Of My Dreams At Peppertree (Kelly Frederickson)
NZ Astre Gucci Envy Me (NZ Ch) (Anna Winter & Mirrilay Andrew)
NZ Batear La Belle Etoile (Ch) (Chris & Helen Jefferies)
NZ Batenbull Unstoppable Luther (N Z Champion) (H Jefferies)
NZ Carte Truffe War of the Titans (Scott & Loretta Lovell)
NZ Centaine Bam Ba Lam (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine Benny N The Jets (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine For Fox Sake (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine Gunz N Rosez (Andria Gibson)
NZ Centaine Stick to Your Guns (Bev Kipa)
NZ Centaine Up N Atom Ant (Andria Gibson)
NZ Cest La Vie De Centaine (Andria Gibson - Centaine Kennels)
NZ Chrishell Belle of the Ball (Champion) (Helen Jefferies)
NZ Chrishell Mr Murphy at Tyzahn (Michelle Martin)
NZ Congistador Frodo Baggins (NZ CH) (R & P Lowe)
NZ Congistador Thomas The Tank (BISS) (R & P Lowe)
NZ Cosmique George Clooney (Judith Henderson)
NZ Daccord Petite Nina (Ch) (Scott & Loretta Lovell)
NZ Dartagnan She's Born With It At Peppertree (Kelly Frederickson)
NZ Frogwyck Darque Adonis De Warfare (Aust Imp) (RUBISS BRONZE MERIT NZ CH    ) (Vannessa Joyce-Warfare Kennels)
NZ Frogwyck Dior Warfare (Aust Imp) (MULTI RUBISS PLATINUM MERIT NZ CH) (Vannessa Joyce (Warfare Kennels))
NZ Frogwyck Lefabien Warfare (Aust Imp) (MUTLI BIS/BISS PLATINUM MERIT NZ CH) (Vannessa Joyce (Warfare Kennels))
NZ Frogwyck Matthias Warfare (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Warfare Kennels)
NZ Gefion A Dark Guardian At Antron (Champion) (Mrs Sylvia Gosse)
NZ Gefion courage to dream (NZ Ch) (S & A Chrisstoffels)
NZ Gefion Make My Day At Wharncliffe (Sophie Cookson & Kelly Frederickson)
NZ Gefion Regall Rose (Anna Winter, MS & A Christoffels)
NZ Gefion Rockin The Ink (Anna & Michell Shaw)
NZ Gefion Set In Stone (NZ Ch) (S & A Chrisstoffels & A Winter)
NZ Gefion Spellbound (Pat Webb)
NZ Gefion Stone,s Throw (M&S Murray & A&S Chrisstoffells)
NZ Gefion the Artfull Dodger (RBISS CH {GOLD MERIT}) (S & A Chrisstoffels/Claire Taylor)
NZ Gefion war machine (BISS NZ CH {bronze merit}) (M&A Chrisstoffels/C Taylor)
NZ Gefion Witch Of The Woods (Claire Taylor)
NZ Geshundheit Adore Me (NZ CH) (G Hagger, S Garrity & E Tooth)
NZ Geshundheit Monsieur Louis (NZ CH) (G Hagger & S Garrity)
NZ Gesundheit Petite Polly at Hagen (AI) (2 x B.I.S.S 1 X R.I.S.S CH.) (Graham Hagger & Sherry Garrity)
NZ Gesundheit Raggazo Dolce (Andria Gibson)
NZ Gesundheit Rock Deeva (CH) (Sherry Garrity and Graham Hagger)
NZ Gesundheit Senor Maximus At Hagen (Ch) (G Hagger / S Garrity / E Tooth)
NZ Ghostgum Rolling Stone (Susann Murray)
NZ Ghostgum The Chosen One (NZ CH) (Anna Winter & Tara Richards)
NZ Hagen Call Me Abracadabra (AI) (R.I.S.S. CH) (G Hagger & S Garrity)
NZ Hagen Call Me Alakazam (AI) (B.I.S, R.I.S CH) (G Hagger, S Garrity, E Tooth)
NZ Hagen Chiamami Jaq at Gesundheit (R.I.S. CH) (Graham Hagger & Errol Tooth)
NZ Hagen Geisha Girl (R.I.S.S) (G Hagger & S Garrity)
NZ Hagen Miss Sakura (G Hagger & S Garrity)
NZ Hagen Sweet Painted Lady at Gesundheit (E Tooth & G Hagger)
NZ Kaayin Monsieur Asterix (Andria Gibson - Centaine Kennels)
NZ Kaysand Hezstyle At Frenchboss (Helen Palffy)
NZ Kibo N Lechien's Dream Weaver (IMP US) (Sue Tahere)
NZ Labohrem Eleanor Rigby (CH) (P Rollo)
NZ Labohrem Guardian's Kismet (Andria Gibson & P Rollo)
NZ Labohrem Guardian's Nebula at LeChien (S Tahere)
NZ Labohrem Marvels Deadpool (Sue Tahere)
NZ Labohrem Showem No Mercy (P Rollo)
NZ Labohrem Showem Thundastruk (A Walden P Rollo)
NZ Labohrem The Kingsman (P Rollo)
NZ Labohrem Wreck It Ralph (P Rollo)
NZ Lechien 's Reveries Legacee Ki Ngawhetu (T Hubbard & T Uerata)
NZ Lechien Te Mauri Ora Ki Ngawhetu (BISS RBIS NZ CH) (T Hubbard & T Uerata)
NZ Merci at Twilite de Centaine (Bev Kipa)
NZ Moonglade Chisel (A. Wilson)
NZ Moonglade King Konfident De Centaine (imp-aust) (Andria Gibson)
NZ Nascade Cauzin Chaos (Heather Clifford)
NZ Nascade Miss Behaven (Heather Clifford)
NZ Nascade Whoz Ya Daddy At Antron (Champion) (Mrs Sylvia Gosse)
NZ Ngawhetu A Touch of Class (M & L Berkers)
NZ Ngawhetu Korero Mai (T Harrison & T Hubbard)
NZ Ngawhetu Royal Flush (T Hubbard & T Uerata)
NZ Ngawhetu Tamatu (T Hubbard & T Uerata)
NZ Ngawhetu Whangai De Centaine (Andria Gibson)
NZ Oasis Oh Em Gee (Andria Gibson)
NZ Opalguard Looks Like Trouble (NZ Ch) (Scott & Loretta Lovell)
NZ Ordained The Centurion (A Wilson)
NZ Peppertree Flamme Rouge (Kelly Frederickson)
NZ Peppertree Sweet Valentine De Wharncliffe (Kelly Frederickson)
NZ Petit Loup de Centaine (Andria Gibson)
NZ Tamataki All Heart 'n' Soul (NZ Ch) (Claire Brooks)
NZ Tamataki Deja Who Doo (Claire Brooks)
NZ Tamataki The Dreamcatcher (NZ CH) (Claire Brooks)
NZ Tamataki Who Made Who (Nz CH) (Claire Brooks)
NZ Thorncombe Devil Wears Prada (M Berkers & L Berkers)
NZ Thorncombe Rocketman (M Berkers & L Berkers)
NZ Titan Cause For Pause At Tyzahn (CH) (Michelle Martin)
NZ Titan's Im a Bond Girl (RUBIS CH) (S & L Lovell)
NZ Titan's Laf it Up Fuzzball (CH) (S&L Lovell and J Klennar)
NZ Titan's Muscle Up Buttercup (Sue Tahere)
NZ Titan's Rebel Princess (S & L Lovell)
NZ Titan's Shaken not Stirred (CH) (S & L Lovell)
NZ Titan's This is the Way of Silverpeak (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Child Surprise (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Cool Beauty (Ch) (Scott & Loretta Lovell)
NZ Titans Gem From Opalguard (CH) (S & L Lovell)
NZ Titans Hello Sweetie (S & L Lovell)
NZ Titans Legacee frm Opalguard (S & L Lovell)
NZ Titans Monte Blanc (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans One Bad Az Queen (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Pay the Ferryman (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Q Mon Capitaine (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Shadow of Destiny (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Shes Gonna Be Trouble (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Whole Lotta Trouble (S&L Lovell)
NZ Titans Work of Art (S & L Lovell)
NZ Titans'One Bad Mama Jama (S&L Lovell)
NZ Twilight Bad Romance (Bev Kipa)
NZ Twilight Kronic Metala (Bev Kipa)
NZ Twilight Sweet Hinge (Beverley Kipa)
NZ Tyzahn China Girl (AI) (CH) (Michelle Martin)
NZ Tyzahn Classic Mach One (Michelle Martin)
NZ Tyzahn First Class Flirt (Michelle Martin)
NZ Tyzahn Friday On My Mind (AI) (Trina Far & Michelle Martin)
NZ Tyzahn I Beg Your Pardon (Michelle Martin)
NZ Tyzahn Turn Up The Volume (Michelle Martin)
NZ Tyzahn Ziggy Stardust (AI) (Michelle Martin)
NZ Warfare Vu Effie Trinket (NZ CH) (Vannessa Joyce)
NZ Warfare vu Fahrenheit (BISS CH) (Vicki Mills & Vannessa Joyce)
NZ Warfare vu Floki (NZ Ch) (Rebecca Dalglish and Vannessa Joyce)
NZ Warfare Vu Hakuna Matata (Vannessa Joyce)
NZ Warfare vu J'Adore (RUBISS GOLD MERIT NZ CH) (Vannessa Joyce- Warfare Kennels)
NZ Warfare Vu La Noir (NZ CH) (Vannessa Joyce)
NZ Warfare Vu Lagertha (NZ CH) (Warfare Kennels)
NZ Warfare Vu Rakesha (BISS NZ CH) (Vannessa Joyce)
NZ Warfare vu Valentino (MULTI BISS , RUBISS, BIS , NZ SPL GR CH, NZ CH) (Rebecca & Vannessa)
NZ Warpaint After the Goldrush (Imp Aust) (BISS NZ CH) (R & P Lowe)
NZ Warpaint Bilbo Baggins at Congistador (Imp Aust) (MULTI RUBIS BISS NZ CH) (R & P Lowe)
NZ Wharncliffe Morels Noir (Sophie Cookson & Kelly Frederickson)
NZ Zamu Lightmyfire (Zim & NZ CH) (Pat Webb)
NZ Zennhaus Accalia De Centaine (imp-aust) (Andria Gibson - Centaine Kennels)

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