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Aust & NZ Grand Ngaruru Dont Stop Me Now
(E livingston, I Mitchell, R Trainor)

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NZ Arawhiti Mr Fahrenheit (NZ Grand CH & Aust Sup Ch) (Nigel and Robynne Trainor)
NZ Arawhiti O Wot A Buzz (Nigel & Robynne Trainor)
NZ Arawhiti Rock DJ (NZ CH) (Nigel and Robynne Trainor)
QLD Arawhiti Wot u lookn at (NZ Grand Champion) (N Trainor, R Stockham)
NZ Birchlands Crown Crusader (AUST & NZ CH) (J K Birchall & T Birchall)
NZ Birchlands Royal Romance (NZ CH) (J K Birchall)
NZ Careve Crumpys Man (NZ CH) (B Wickstead)
NZ Goldust Sailema Lilly (NZ CH) (A Wickstead)
NZ Hollywell Out Of Africa (C.Davis)
NZ Jedaka Prince of Thieves (C.Davis and L.Sandford-Reed)
NZ Ngaruru Dont Stop Me Now (Aust & NZ Grand) (E livingston, I Mitchell, R Trainor)
NZ Ngaruru Fat Bottomed Girl at Arawhiti (Nigel, Robynne and Amy Lee Trainor)
NZ Peasblossom Poet (Imp UK) (N & R & A Trainor)
NZ Sailema Compos Majestic Lady (NZ CH) (B Wickstead)
NZ Sailema Crusade Tiara (NZ CH) (B Nolan)
NZ Sailema Crusader-Ruler (NZ CH) (S Maslin)
NZ Sailema Diamante (NZ CH) (Heather Cross)
NZ Sailema Just D-Bomb (NZ CH) (K Birchall /Nolan-Wickstead)
NZ Sailema Just D-Top (NZ CH) (Stephanie Maslin)
NZ Sailema Just The Ticket (NZ CH) (D Parker At Tomahawk Kennels)
NZ Sailema Like my Style (NZ CH) (Carlena and Nathan)
NZ Sailema Ritches Romance (NZ CH) (Barbara Nolan Wickstead)
NZ Sailema Royal Status (BISS RBIS NZ & BOG Aust CH) (B Wickstead)
NZ Sailema Tiz Sweet (NZ CH) (J Banwell)
NZ Sailema Tiz Sweet and Smart (NZ CH) (A Nolan Wickstead)
NZ Silvaspring Salvation at Sailema (IMP AUST) (NZ CH) (Heather Cross & Breeders & B Wickstead)
NZ Taniwha Tutaeporoporo (NZ CH) (Mrs W van Diepen)
NZ Woodcrafts Paparazzi (Imp Sweden) (Nigel, Robynne & Amylee Trainor)

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