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NZ CH. Patonshill Indigo-Velvet (AI)
(Rochelle Harris)

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NZ Carridene One For The Money (AI) (Ch) (Caroline Matheson & Robert Willliamson)
NZ Condurrow Blonde Moment (Shirley Herbert & Margaret Cotter)
NZ Dassin Chip N Chase(ImpAust) (NZ Ch) (J & P Read)
NZ Debruk A Star Is Born At Shadday (NZ Ch) (Helene Street & IT and SR Maguigan)
NZ Debruk At The Leading Edge At Shadday (NZ Ch) (Helene Street and IT & SR Maguigan)
NZ Derringer A Dream Come True (NZ Ch) (K Moore & J Read)
NZ Derringer Dark Topaz (NZCh.) (J V Read)
NZ Derringer Flash 'N' Fancy (NZ CH) (J V Read)
QLD Derringer Gypsy Lady (Aust Ch) (R Harnell & L Fabian)
NZ Derringer Lone Rider (NZ Ch) (J.V. Read)
NZ Derringer Pepper Shot (NZ Ch) (J V Read)
NZ Derringer R U Reddy For Zed (NZ Ch) (J Goodwin & J V Read)
NZ Derringer Schnap Crackle Pop (NZ Ch) (J V Read)
NZ Derringer Shoot The Image (NZ Ch) (Jan Read)
NZ Derringer Strike It Saucy (NZCH) (J V Read)
NZ Derringer Time To Win (NZ Ch) (Jan Read)
NZ Derringer Twice T' Shady Lady (NZCh.) (J V Read)
NZ Derringer Twice The Chance (NZCh.) (J V Read & A Evans)
QLD Derringer What A Chance (MULT BIS & BISS AU SUPREME CHAMP) (R.Harnell & E G Goodwin-Smith & L Fabian)
QLD Derringer What A Chance (Au Supreme Ch) (R. Harnell & Goodwin-Smith)
NZ Fireax Fancy Force (Imp-Aust) (NZ Ch) (J.V. Read)
NZ Fireax Quest For Success (NZ Ch) (J V Read)
NZ iDobe Shoulda Coulda Woulda (SPL GR CH) (Shirley Herbert)
NZ iDobe The Angel's Share At Dixie (Ch) (Shirley Herbert and Viv Attwell)
NZ Kingleigh Your Name Is Mud (Ch) (Shirley Herbert)
NZ Martyn Alice in Wonderland @ Parima (NZ Supreme Ch BIS BISS) (Martyn, Lisa & Cassidy Slade & Sam Hedge)
NZ Martyn Along Came Indy (NZ Ch BIS BISS) (Martyn, Lisa & Cassidy Slade)
NZ Martyn Big Bad Wolf @ Parima (NZ Ch) (M Armit)
NZ Martyn Colour My World (Martyn dobermanns)
NZ Martyn Go With The Flo (Ch) (M & L & C slade)
NZ Martyn Karmah comes around (Supreme GR CH BIS BISS) (Martyn Dobermanns)
NZ Martyn Karmah going to get you (NZ Ch BIS BISS) (M L,L D & C R Slade)
NZ Patonshill Call Me Maya (BISS NZ CH) (Helen Horlemann)
NZ Patonshill Call Me Patrick (BIS and BISS NZ CH) (Helen Horlemann)
NZ Patonshill Dream Catcher (NZ Champion) (Mr Nick Wilson and Helen Horlemann)
NZ Patonshill Habanero (Rick Gilchrist)
NZ Patonshill I am Jet's Design (AI) (NZ CH) (Helen Horlemann)
NZ Patonshill I am Jet's Dream (AI) (NZ CH) (Helen Horlemann)
NZ Patonshill Indigo Satin (AI) (Helen Horlemann)
NZ Patonshill Indigo-Velvet (AI) (NZ CH.) (Rochelle Harris)
NZ Patonshill Last Dance (AI) (NZ CH) (Helen Horlemann)
NZ Patonshill Last Edition (AI) (BIS/RUBIS NZ Champion) (Helen Horlemann and Janine Ellmers)
NZ Shadday Diamond Star of Desyred (NZ Ch) (IT & SR Maguigan and Helene Street)

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