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CH Cristabo Heavenly Dreamz
(Carla Walsh)

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NZ Audax Allegiance To Stedfast (AI) (Multi BIS, Multi BISS NZ Supreme & NZ Specialty Grand CH) (Gillian Butcher & Paddy Lockett)
NZ Audax Extasy Of Spotnik (NZ CH) (Gillian Butcher)
NZ Audax Glory Be (CH) (Gill Butcher)
NZ Audax Heir Apparent (CH) (Gillian Butcher)
NZ Audax Koh I Noor (Multi BIS, Multi RUBIS, GRAND CH) (Gillian Butcher)
NZ Audax Miss Moneypenny (CH) (Gillian Butcher & Patricia Lockett)
NZ Charizelle Captain Morgan (BIS/BISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Giselle Fletcher)
NZ Charizelle Missy (SAf & Zim Ch) (Mandy Viljoen)
NZ Charizelle Xcedingly Fruity (Ch) (Giselle Fletcher)
NZ Cristabo Beltaine Fire (NZ CH) (Carla Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Devilz Cut (Ch   ) (Carla Walsh & Suzanne McKandry)
NZ Cristabo Devilz Delite (BIS CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Devilz Dzire (CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Devilz Ransom (NZ CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Elusive Dreamz (Carla Peck)
NZ Cristabo Fire Cracka (RBIS/RBISS CH) (Carla Peck)
NZ Cristabo Golden Girl (CH) (Bronwen Munro)
NZ Cristabo Heavenly Dreamz (CH) (Carla Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Heavenz Wispa (NZ CH) (C Walsh & B Munro)
NZ Cristabo I Am Legend (C Walsh & B Munro)
NZ Cristabo Magic N Mayhem (Carla Peck)
NZ Cristabo Midsumma Ntes Dream (Spec GR CH/CH) (C Peck)
NZ Cristabo Reach For Starz (NZ CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo River of Dreamz (CH) (C Peck)
NZ Cristabo Ruby Tuesday (NZ CH) (B Munro)
NZ Cristabo Ruff Dimond (NZ CH) (Carla Walsh)
NZ Cristabo SaintorSinna (CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Star Attraxion (RBISS CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Star D'Zine (NZ Ch) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Starlite Serenade (RBISS/RBIS CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Starlite Symphony (Carla Peck (Cristabo))
NZ Cristabo Starz-A-Blaze (CH) (Carla Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Street Hustler (CH) (Carla Peck Suzanne McKandry Steve Greer)
NZ Cristabo Sugar Babe (C Walsh and T Tod)
NZ Cristabo Sweet Disposition (Ch   ) (Carla Peck & Suzanne McKandry)
NZ Cristabo Sweetest Sin (CH) (C Peck)
NZ Cristabo Tails By Candlelite (NZ SUP CH.) (C Peck & S McKandry)
NZ Cristabo Tearz In Heaven (CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Cristabo Th Devilz Spell (CH) (C Peck)
NZ Cristabo Urban Legend (NZ CH) (C Peck (Cristabo))
NZ Cristabo We Got The Bling (Bronwen Munro)
NZ Cristabo Xmas Cracka (BIS/BISS NZ GR CH) (CWalsh (Cristabo))
NZ Dalalta New Story at Cristabo (imp Canada) (Can and NZ CH) (C Walsh & B Munro)
NZ Kissed ZeDevil of Kalesha (BIS/RIS CH.) (Carla Walsh & Suzanne McKandry)
NZ Paceaway Tearz From Heaven At Zolandia (Imp Aus) (NZ CH / SPL GR CH) (Pam Norman)
NZ T-Cart Zinnia (IMP SWE) (NZ CH) (Gill Butcher)
NZ Toot's Zee Devil at Cristabo (imp Nwy) (NZ CH) (C Walsh)
NZ Toots Ever Blazin at Cristabo (imp Norway) (NZ CH) (C Walsh & B Munro)

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