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NZ. CH El-Toro Chiquita
(Cheryl & Peter McKay)

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NZ El-Toro Chiquita (NZ. CH) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
NZ El-Toro Josephine Smokey Blue (NZ. CH.) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
NZ El-Toro Pepper Supremo (NZ CH) (Ms C E Walters)
NZ El-Toro Rey Spencer at Kitaco (NZ CH) (Ms C E Walters)
NZ El-Toro Satchee Supremo (NZ. CH.) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
NZ Lanas Legacy Orlando imp Latvia (nz ch) (Y Tester)
NZ Maraschino Princess Ala (NZ CH) (Dr T J Tonkin and Ms C E Walters)
NZ Morgan of Shung Wei (Imp-Taiwan) (Mrs. Cheryl McKay)
NZ Payco's foxy lady (Y Tester)
NZ Payco's Timothy Lad (Champion) (Julie Mattsson)
NZ Payco’s Just Dolly Parton (NZ Ch) (Junell Moss)
NZ Salinacruz Jack Flash (Y Tester)
NZ Salinacruz Moonlight Paree (Junell Moss)
NZ Salinacruz White Gold (NZ Ch) (Junell Moss)
NZ Salinacuz flash back (Y Tester)
NZ White O Morns Aztec Legend (Imp USA) (AM GR CH/CAN /NZCH) (Yvonne Tester)

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