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NZ CH Kitaco's Deevyne Inspiration
(Dr Tracey Tonkin & Amba Waghorn)

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NZ Amara Little Charm of Trouble (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Amara Queen of Hearts (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Amara Rising From The Ashes (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ AmigoReal Ace of Spades (Belinda Stone)
NZ AmigoReal Gianni Versace (Belinda Stone)
NZ AmigoReal King of Diamonds (Belinda Stone)
NZ AmigoReal Louis Vuitton (NZ Ch) (Mark Stone)
NZ AmigoReal Oscar de la Renta (Belinda Stone)
NZ Cheekychi Greta Garbo (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Cheekychi Reign of Terror (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Cheekychi The Show Must Go On (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Cheekychi Waltzing Matilda (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ Cheekychi Whos A Naughty Girl (Imp Aust) (Kathleen Lilleby)
NZ El-Toro George Alexander (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NZ Eldivino Hocus Pocus (NZ CH, RBISS) (Susan Galbraith)
NZ Eldivino Misty Karma At Kitaco (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Eldivino Rio Grande (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Eldivino Rogue Trader At Kitaco (NZ CH) (Amba Waghorn)
NZ Eldivino Señor Mexico (NZ CH) (Jenny Ryan)
NZ Eldivino Señorita Nikita (NZ CH, NZ Neut CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Golly Miss Molly of Tarere (Ms C E Walters)
NZ Harriet Taylor of Kapowai (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NZ Kitaco Ben de la Crème (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco Black Label (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco Briar Rose (Ms C E Walters)
NZ Kitaco Card Against Humanity (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco From Latvia With Love (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco Jappy Jalapeño (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco Mastermind (Debra Barltrop)
NZ Kitaco Premium Blend (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco Smashed Avacado (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Kitaco's Deevyne Inspiration (NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin & Amba Waghorn)
NZ Kitaco's Divine Miss T At Eldivino (NZ CH) (Jen Keir)
NZ Kitaco's Valkyrie Warrior (NZ CH) (Mel Wotherspoon)
NZ Kitaco's Vegas Show Girl (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Mystic Legion Narcissus (Imp Greece) (GR CH, GR JNR CH, CACIB, NZ CH) (Dr Tracey Tonkin)
NZ Neo Fabulous King of Hearts (Imp Korea) (KOR Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NZ Payco’s Lady Florence (Mark Stone)
NZ Payco’s Miss Elegance (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NZ Salinacruz Royal News (Belinda Stone)

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