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NZ Ch El-Toro George Alexander
(Belinda Stone)

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NZ AmigoReal Louis Vuitton (Belinda Stone)
NZ Arizona Star Of Heathcote (NZ Ch:) (Mr Tony Gibson & Kathy Morton)
NZ Celtic Rose of Heathcote (Petra Sims)
NZ Celtic Star of Heathcote (Junell Moss)
NZ Da Vinci of Kaybelle (NZ.CH) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
NZ Da-Lady-Jemima of Teddee (NZ. CH.) (Cheryl McKay)
NZ El-Toro Chips of Ebony (NZ. CH.) (Cheryl & Peter McKay)
NZ El-Toro George Alexander (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NZ El-toro Lucky Bonita (NZ CH:) (Pat McDonald Kathy Morton)
NZ El-Toro Riccardo at Teddee (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NZ Eldivino Maestro Boston (NZ Ch) (Kathy Morton)
NZ Golly Miss Molly of Tarere (Ms C E Walters)
NZ Harriet Taylor of Kapowai (NZ Ch) (Belinda Stone)
NZ Maraschino Jimmy Choux (ch) (Y Tester)
NZ Salinacruz Renaissance (T Robb)
NZ Salinacruz The Last Jedi (Belinda Stone)
NZ Tullana Summer Star (NZ CH:) (Kathy Morton & Mr A J Gibson)

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