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Old Rowley Fairground
(Bill and Bronwyn Murdoch)

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NZ Bonniroy Carnaby Cracker Of Darilance (Imp UK) (NZ CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Bonniroy Peter Pan Of Darilance (Imp UK) (NZ CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Boxtop Moulen Rouge (Aust) (NZ CH) (Janine King)
NZ Carolus Amethyst For Darilance (Imp UK) (NZ CH) (Jan Eatock)
NSW Carolus Catrice For Darilance (UK) (NZ CH) (Karen Loduwick)
NZ Cavtrivar Mystery Eko (BISS RBISS NZ Ch) (Helen-Mary Sorensen)
NZ Cavtrivar Triple Eko Ex (Helen-Mary Sorensen)
NZ Dapsen Stop The Press (Aust) (NZ CH) (Janet Collie)
NZ Darilance Cayenne (Jan Eatock)
NZ Darilance Chipotle (Ch) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Darilance Crystal Crackle (CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Darilance Just Cracking (CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Darilance Montrogue (CH) (Jan Eatock/Fryer Family)
NZ Darilance Porter Rhodes (Ch) (Suzanne Subritzky)
NZ Darilance Rosser Reeves (CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Darilance Vera Krupp (Ch) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Gramarye Perfect Timing (Janet Collie)
NZ Matmor High Society (imp Aust) (Mrs K & E Leslie, Mr M Morse & Mr W Hend)
NZ Matmor Shenanigans (imp Aust) (K & E Leslie, M Morse & W Henderson)
NZ Matmor Uptown Funk (imp Aust) (K & E Leslie, Mr M Morse, Mr W Henderson)
NZ Merseyport Carter Of Darilance (Imp Aust) (BISS NZ CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Merseyport Little Mermaid (imp Aust) (NZ Ch    ) (Helen-Mary Sorensen)
NZ Merseyport Poppycock Of Darilance (BISS Aust CH & NZ CH) (Jan Eatock)
NZ Old Rowley Cyprian (Bill and Bronwyn Murdoch)
NZ Old Rowley Fairground (Bill and Bronwyn Murdoch)
NZ Thistlebrook Scrumdiddly (Nadine Bisset-Berkahn)
NZ Thistlebrook Shieldmaiden (Nadine Bisset-Berkahn)
NZ Thistlebrook Titania (Ch) (Nadine Bisset-Berkahn)

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