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NZ CH Tillycoultry Nesa Gartferry
(Patricia Brooker)

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NZ Birselaw Highlander (Imp Sco) (NZ Ch) (Ms Hilary Calvert)
NZ Birselaw Robbie O' the Isles (NZ Gr Ch) (Mrs Irene Calvert)
NZ Blainefield of Gartferry [Gold & Platinum Cert Merit] (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Broc Aon Blaine Of Gartferry (NZCH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Bwreena Dhween Of Gartferry [BRONZE CERTIFICATE OF MERIT] (NZ Ch) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Carlin Tulach of Gartferry [Gold & PLATINUM Cert of Merit ] (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Cultraidh Anlon of Gartferry (NZCH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Ishbel of Gartferry [Gold Certificate of Merit] (NZ Ch) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Joymont Dream Machine (Imp AUST) (NZ Ch) (Lenore Halliwell)
NZ Keilah Curadh of Gartferry [PLATINUM Certificate of Merit] (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Magnus Tap Dancing At Jura (Ch) (Linda Swan)
NZ Monterrez Limerick ( IMP- AUST ) (Mrs Linda Swan)
NZ Natuska A Foreign Policy(imp Aust) (NZ CH) (R E Hall)
NZ Natuska Destined To Thrill (Imp Aust) (Australian Champion) (R E Hall)
NZ Natuska Humphrey Bogart (NZ CH & MBIG Australian Grand Champion) (Ross Hall)
NZ Neilla Mioruilt of Gartferry [DIAMOND CERTIFICATE OF MERIT] (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Nessa of Gartferry [Diamond Certificate of Merit] (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Oakway Dream On (Lenore Halliwell)
NZ Oakway Highland Fling (Trish Halliwell)
NZ Oakway Lochness Monster (NZ Ch) (Lenore & Trish)
NZ Oakway Song and Dance (Lenore Halliwell)
NZ Oakway Sweet Dreams (Renee Halliwell)
NZ Terrerlin Oh So Breezee (Ch) (Linda Swan)
NZ Terrerlin Trade Tested (CH) (Linda Swan)
NZ Tillycoultry Nesa Gartferry (NZ CH) (Patricia Brooker)
NZ Trevlac Annie Get Your Gun (Mrs Irene Calvert)
NZ Trevlac Charm's Swan Song (Mrs Irene Calvert)
NZ Trevlac Come on Yogi (Mrs I Calvert)
NZ Trevlac Golden Bow (NZ Ch) (Miss Samantha Calvert)
NZ Trevlac Thin Lizzie (Mrs Irene Calvert)
NZ Wee Morag of Granick (Ch) (Lenore Halliwell)

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