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BISS NZ Ch Boromir Body Paint ROM
(D & H Holland)

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NZ Bettie Boop Visits Rockabull (New Zealand Champion) (D R Parsons)
NZ Boromir Barbarossa ROM (BISS) (H)
NZ Boromir Barolo (RISS) (Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Body Paint ROM (BISS NZ Ch) (D & H Holland)
NZ Boromir Bootleg ROM (BISS NZ Ch) (Ian Laurie, Deane & Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Bubblicious at Vortex (NZ Ch) (Holland/Flegg)
NZ Boromir Chianti ROM (BISS NZ Ch) (Deane & Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Gothic Promise of Vortex ROM (BISS Ch) (Linda Flegg/Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Gothika of Vortex ROM (BISS NZ Ch) (Linda Flegg/Deane and Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Hand of Fate at Vortex ROM (Ch BISS) (Heidi Holland & Linda Flegg)
NZ Boromir Quicksilver ROM (BISS Aust / NZ/ USA/Mex & Can Ch) (Carl Pew (USA))
NZ Boromir Satyricon ROM (BISS Ch) (Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Skyclad ROM (BISS NZ Ch) (Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Stormchaser of Sleek ROM (RISS Ch) (Pip McVicar, Luke Webster, D & H Holland)
NZ Boromir Witch Queen ROM (BISS Ch) (Heidi Holland)
NZ Boromir Zinfandel ROM (BISS Ch) (P McVicar & H Holland)
NZ Bramble Fire 'N' Ice ROM (Champion) (D&I Anderson)
SA Brasshead Gothic Vortex at Boromir ROM (BISS Aust Ch) (Holland/Flegg/King)
NZ Brixton Causing Kaos (CH) (Nicole Adams)
NZ Catchbull Zero Cool (Miss Kathryn Joyce)
NZ Limelight Mr Edwards (CH) (Stacey Foskett)
NZ Lobelia Girlie Gangsta ROM (Champion) (D&I Anderson)
NZ Lobelia Maggie Maybe a Gangsta (Irene and Dave Anderson)
NZ Montana Blue Bayou (Miss Nicole Adams)
NZ Montana Dark Geisha Atraiden (K Joyce)
NZ Napier Catching Dream's At Raiden (Imp UK) (NZ Ch) (K Joyce)
NZ Napier's Candy Man (IMP UK) (Miss Kathryn Joyce & Mrs Diane Denson)
NZ Quest Yggdrazil at Boromir ROM (Imp Nwy) (RISS NZ Ch ) (D & H Holland)
NZ Raiden Altered Ego ROM (BISS NZ Ch) (L Scholes Brown)
NZ Raiden Flowers N Candy (Ch) (K Joyce)
NZ Raiden Goodnight Gotham (Ch) (D Nathan)
NZ Raiden Jack Napier (Ch) (K Joyce)
NZ Raiden Jaggernaut (K Joyce)
NZ Vortex Cocolicious of Boromir ROM (RISS Ch) (Flegg/Holland)

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