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Ch Valois Black Shanida
(Linda Shove)

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NZ Aubrey 's Garnet Glamor (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's I'm Immanuel (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Master Qudamah (ai) (Mr G Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey 's Miss Quintessential (ai) (Mr Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's French Flavour (G & L Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's I'm Adelia (Gavin and Leanne Hausssmann)
NZ Aubrey's Memoirs of Kshan (AI) (Mr & Mrs G & L Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's Memoirs of Yvonne (AI) (Mr & Mrs G & L Haussmann)
NZ Aubrey's Outstanding Opal (G & L Haussmann)
NZ Bellesme Alkaid (Ch) (Linda Shove)
NZ Carmandy Amazin Spirit of OZ ( Imp AUST) AI (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Chaotic's Dexter Down Under ( IMP CAN ) (NZ Ch) (G & L Haussmann)
NZ Jeunelle Dor d'Angevin (Ch) (Linda Shove)
NZ Nikita De La Manoliere (Imp New Caledonia) (Gavin Haussmann)
NZ Tiahart Chai Latte ( IMP AU ) (NZ Ch) (Gavin Haussmann & Leanne Lindsay)
NZ Tiahart Dejavoo (IMP AU) (NZ Ch) (G & L Haussmann)
NZ Valois Black Shanida (Ch) (Linda Shove)

Displaying Page 1 of 1 pages