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Tesoro Winter Holly
(Michelle Williamson)

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NZ Bicerin Amore (imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Chris & Belinda Taylor)
NZ Freeman Guardian Angel (Chris and Belinda Taylor)
NZ Freeman Lonely Dog (Chris and Belinda Taylor)
NZ Freeman Shoot My Arrow If Ucan (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
NZ Freeman You Can Pick A Daisy (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
NZ Hipoint Aurelio (NZ Grand CH) (G Gulbransen, R & J Mirto)
NZ Hipoint Brigitta (Imp AUST) (NZ CH) (M Williamson, R Mirto, J Mirto)
NZ Polcevera's Eros (Imp ITA) (NZ CH, ROM CH) (J Mirto, R Mirto, M Williamson)
NZ Tesora Leonardo Da Vinci (G Gulbransen)
NZ Tesoro Autumn Leaves (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Evening Star (Ch) (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Summer Rose (J Barraclough & M Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Twylite Sonata (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Winter Holly (Michelle Williamson)

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