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Tesoro Winter Holly
(Michelle Williamson)

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NZ Bicerin Amore (imp Aust) (NZ CH) (Chris & Belinda Taylor)
NZ Freeman Guardian Angel (Chris and Belinda Taylor)
NZ Freeman Lonely Dog (Chris and Belinda Taylor)
NZ Freeman Shoot My Arrow If Ucan (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
NZ Freeman You Can Pick A Daisy (NZ CH) (C & B Taylor)
NZ Hipoint Aurelio (NZ Grand CH) (G Gulbransen, R & J Mirto)
NZ Hipoint Brigitta (Imp AUST) (NZ CH) (M Williamson, R Mirto, J Mirto)
NZ Molocsyg Gino (Imp Aus) (G Gulbransen)
NZ Polcevera's Eros (Imp ITA) (NZ CH, ROM CH) (J Mirto, R Mirto, M Williamson)
NZ Tesora Leonardo Da Vinci (G Gulbransen)
NZ Tesoro Autumn Leaves (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Evening Star (Ch) (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Twylite Sonata (Michelle Williamson)
NZ Tesoro Winter Holly (Michelle Williamson)

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