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Fortress Highland Rose
(NH & CL Jones)

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NZ Allegiant Army of Angels (Rachel Strawbridge)
NZ Allegiant Lightning McQueen (Rachel Strawbridge)
NZ Bavaria I Am Titanium (Mrs Lisa Couling)
NZ Bavaria Lock It In (Mr L A Couling)
NZ Bavaria Locked Out Of Heaven (Mrs Lisa Couling)
NZ Bavaria Love 'N' Titanium (L A Couling)
NZ Bavaria Party With The Wolves (NZ CH) (Mrs Lisa Couling)
NZ Bavaria Twenty Four K Magic (Lisa Couling)
NZ Denem Courage Under Fire (NZ CH) (Terry & Helen Yeoman)
NZ Denem Flyn 'N' French Filly (NZ CH) (Terry & Helen Yeoman)
NZ Denem Leonardo da Vinci (Gail Cocklin & Colin Bradley)
NZ Eischied No More Tears at Fortress (NZ Ch) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Eseldown The Power of Midas (Ch) (Carol Kerr)
NZ Eseldown Timeless Radiance from Bouzaid (RBIS,RBISS NZ CH) (Carol Kerr)
NZ Eseldown Timeless-Essence (Carol Kerr)
NZ Everglades My Name Is Thunder of Fortress (N & C Jones)
NZ Fortress Disarm U with a Smile (Ch) (Amy Harrington-Ha'angana)
NZ Fortress Firestorm (NZ Ch) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress Hart And Soul (B Hart & C Jones)
NZ Fortress Heaven Can Wait (NZ Ch) (Norman and Chris Jones)
NZ Fortress Highland Rose (NH & CL Jones)
NZ Fortress Kiss The Rain (NZ CH (Gold)) (Norman and Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress Like A Hurricane (NZ Ch) (NH & CL Jones)
NZ Fortress Matawhero Magic (NZ Ch) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress Mercury Rising (NZ Ch) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress One Cool Devil (NH & CL Jones)
NZ Fortress One Heart Angel (NZ Ch) (A Harrington, C Jones & N Jones)
NZ Fortress Spanish Rose (NZ Ch) (Norman and Chris Jones)
NZ Fortress Stormbringer (BIS NZ Ch) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress Stormseeker (NZ Ch (Platinum)) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress The Hurricane (BPISS NZ Ch) (Norman & Christine Jones)
NZ Fortress Wild Hearted Son (NZ Ch) (Norm & Chris Jones)
NZ Galicar Innaquandry (IMP UK) HTO (BISS Ch) (E & J de Boer)
NZ Glenmorne justa Globe Trotta (NZ Ch) (Betty Parker)
NZ Glenmorne Singing In ThRaine (NZ Ch) (Betty Parker)
NZ Gremlix Lighting Bolt (P & K Goodwill)
NZ Gremlix New Day Dawning (NZ CH) (Paul and Kerol Goodwill , Amy Bray)
NZ Gremlix Razzle Dazzle CGCG AD JD RA (Carolyn Bassett)
NZ Gremlix Saint He Ain't (P & K Goodwill)
NZ Gremlix Straight N True at Adhara (Carolyn Bassett)
NZ Gremlix Unexpected Delivery (Paul Goodwill)
NZ Heirloom Lady-Savanna (Mrs Rachel Strawbridge)
NZ Kadence Ace Of Hearts (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Heart O'Luv (AI) (A Downie)
NZ Kadence Kiss My Ace (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Luv N Leave Em (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Luv On The Run (AI) (A Downie)
NZ Kadence Nitro Wild (AI) (NZ CH) (Jaana Downie & Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Rebel Yell (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Rock Your Socks Off (AI) (NZ CH) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Set Ur Heart AFire (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Slam It (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence The Heartbreaker (AI) (NZ CH) (A Downie)
NZ Kadence Viva La Bam (NZ CH) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence Wild At Heart (AI) (NZ CH) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Kadence You Got Aced (AI) (Aynsley Downie)
NZ Keania Charm At Bavaria (Mrs Lisa Anne Couling)
NZ Mavquade Antarctic Watchman (NZ CH) (Jason Hona)
NZ Mavquade Brief Reign (NZ CH) (H & T Yeoman)
NZ Mavquade Courage On Target (NZ CH) (Terry & Helen Yeoman)
NZ Mavquade Fire N Rain (NZ CH) (K & R Mihaka/T & H Yeoman)
NZ Mavquade Native Dancer (TW & HJ Yeoman)
NZ Mavquade Needles N Pins (CH) (T & H Yeoman K & R Mihaka)
NZ Mavquade Southern Encounter (NZ Ch) (Gail Cocklin)
NZ Mavquade Sweet Encounter (NZ CH) (Terry & Helen Yeoman)
NZ Mavquade Taking A Gamble (Terry & Helen Yeoman)
NZ Mavquade Watch A Winner (Gail Cocklin)
NZ Midgaards Take No Prisoners (Gail Cocklin)
NZ Midgaards Kisses For Me (Gail Cocklin)
NZ Midgaards Unda My Umbrella (Gail Cocklin)
NZ Natura How You Doin' At Kadence (BISS NZ CH) (Aynsley Downie - Kadence Boxers)
NZ Quasar Drunk N Disorderly HT0 (Ch) (Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Highly Contagious HTO (NZ GR CH) (Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Is Contagious At Blueprint (AI) HTO (BISS BIS Aust Gr Ch) (E de Boer)
NZ Quasar Literary Liaison (Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Sugar Coated (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hawker & Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Tattle Tale (Erik de Boer)
NZ Quasar Wot To Do Wot To Do (E & J de Boer)
NZ Quest piece of the Action (BISS/RBIS CH {Gold Merit}) (Claire Taylor (tamataki kennels))
NZ Rampage Get Ya Bling On (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Head Over Heels (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Hot Enuff To Handle (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Livin' The Dream (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Livin' The High Life (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Lulu McCaw (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage No Nonsense Nancy (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Roman Scandals (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Rumor Has It She's Hot (NZ Ch) (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Sugar On Top (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Rampage Thru The Look'n Glass (Barbara Hawker)
NZ Ronin Armoured Heart (AI) (NZ CH) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Bravo Romeo Bravo (NZ Ch) (Betty Parker & Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Click Bait (AI) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Dangerous Curves (NZ CH) (Jan Lynch and Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Deal With the Devil CGC Bronze (BPISS NZ CH) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Digital Rebel (AI) (NZ CH) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Digital Revolution (AI) (NZ CH) (Kristen Brooks / Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Gotta Be In To Sin At Wharncliffe (S Cookson)
NZ Ronin Lima Oscar Lima (BISS NZ CH) (Pat Sewart and Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Lost In Translation (NZ CH) (Betty Parker & Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Oscar Mike Golf (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Plainly Wrapped (AI) AM SOM CAN SOM (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Runs With Scissors (BIS NZ CH) (Helene Owen and Betty Parker)
NZ Ronin Sinner Takes All (AI) (BISS RBISS NZ CH) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Sinners are Grinners (AI) (RBISS NZ CH) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Sip of Scotch CGC Bronze (RBIS BISS RBISS BPISS NZ & Aust Ch) (Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Speak of the Devil (NZ Ch) (Betty Parker & HL Owen)
NZ Ronin Viva La Rebellion (Helene Owen)
QLD Ronin Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (RBISS NZ CH) (Krystal Houldsworth and Helene Owen)
NZ Ronin Wrapped Round Ya Finger (AI) (Aust CH) (Helene Owen)
NZ Sivad Fairy Dust (NZ CH) (Anne Lacey, Michelle & Alysha Judson)
NZ Tamataki Diamond In The Ruff (NZ Ch) (Claire Taylor)
NZ Tamataki diamond indyskyes (JD) (Nz CH) (Claire Brooks)
NZ Tamataki Just Call Me Fatboy (NZ CH) (Claire Taylor/C Mathijssen)
NZ Tamataki The Show Must Go On (CH {bronze merit}) (Claire Taylor)
NZ Tennille Just the Tonic (SPL Grand Ch) (Diane & John Riley & Gail O'Keefe)
NZ Valeska Big Wraps (MBIS, MBISS SPL GR CH) (Lloyd Harrison)
NZ Valeska Booty Call (CH) (L & D Harrison)
NZ Valeska Hoky Poky (MBIS, RBISS) (CH) (Lloyd Harrison)
NZ Valeska Kiss me all over (L & D Harrison)
NZ Valeska Lights My Fire (CH) (L & D Harrison)
NZ Valeska Maybe Magic (L& D Harrison)
NZ Valeska Ooh La La (CH) (L Harrison)
NZ Valeska Total Mayhem (L & D Harrison)
NZ Valeska Wrapped With love (CH) (Lloyd Harrison)
NZ Zmontalk Dundee Lass AT Mavquade (NZ GR CH) (Terry & Helen Yeoman, Colin Bradley)

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