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AM CH & NZ Gr Ch Bon Idees Qaught You Lookin at Bouvpilot (Imp USA)
(TD Lawrence and A Motta)

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NZ Bon Idees Oh What A Night At Flandresfarm (IMP USA) (NZSUP Ch) (Teresa Lawrence)
NZ Bon Idees Qaught You Lookin at Bouvpilot (Imp USA) (AM CH & NZ Gr Ch) (TD Lawrence and A Motta)
NZ Flandresfarm Amercn Playboy (NZ CH) (Danielle Schouten & Teresa Lawrence)
NZ Flandresfarm American Icon (TD Lawrence and RAlcantara)
NZ Flandresfarm Baby Driver (NZCH) (TD Lawrence)
NZ Flandresfarm Baby U Cn Dve M'Car (NZ Ch) (T D Lawrence)
NZ Flandresfarm Californa Heat (NZ GRAND CH) (T D Lawrence)
NZ Flandresfarm California KO Blu (T D Lawrence H Hulman W Hulman)
NZ Flandresfarm Shake It Up Baby (TD Lawrence)
NZ Vanleighofs Calfornia-Crusn' (NZ SUPREME) (TD Lawrence and R Alcantara JR)
NZ Vanleighofs Kiss The Girls (IMP USA) (NZ SUPREME CH) (T D Lawrence and Robert Alcantara JR)
NZ Vanleighofs Victorious (AM and NZCH) (TD Lawrence and JR Alcantara)
NZ Vanstavast Believe N Dreams at Flandresfarm (NZCH) (T D Lawrence)

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