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NZ CH Bordour It's a Wind Up
(Nicola Swan)

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NZ Bohunt Dot Net (IMP AUST) (BISS NZ & AUST CH.) (Gloria Geraghty & Gaela Whyte)
NZ Bohunt Foreign Affair with Otterpond (IMP AUST) (RBISS NZ CH.) (Gloria Geraghty)
NZ Bordour Bespoke (Nicola Swan)
NZ Bordour Bluforyou (CH) (Sue Smith & Julie Clarke)
NZ Bordour Galway Girl (Sue Smith & Julie Clarke)
NZ Bordour It's a Wind Up (NZ CH) (Nicola Swan)
NZ Bordour Kick The Dust Up (NZ CH) (Nicola Swan)
NZ Bordour On The Rocks (Nicola Swan)
NZ Bordour Shaken not Stirred (Nicola Swan)
NZ Chytrugh Lord Mangu Forest (NZ CH) (Nicola Swan)
NZ Dewton Mister Fox at Moonridge (Imp Aust) (MRBIS RBISS NZCh) (Alli McArthur & Amber Riley)
NZ Dunrobin I'm-just-a Toby Jug (NZ CH) (Nicola Swan)
NZ Dunrobin The Lady Ailsa at Thaxmead (Rob & Rosemary Weaver)
NZ Fernbrook Letsrock at Bordour (Mrs N Swan)
NZ Glenbogle Just A Cracka at Moonridge (Imp Aust) (Alli McArthur)
NZ Goldsmith Hard Nut to Crack (Ch) (Kirsten Price)
NZ Goldsmith May Contain Nuts (Kirsten Price)
NZ Guilcroft Red Ochre (NZ CH Gold & Platinum Merit) (Sonja Firby)
NZ Lester Borda goin awol to Thaxmead (Champion) (Rob a d Rosemary. Weaver)
NZ Mossrose Isabella at Moonridge (NZCH) (Alli McArthur & Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Marama of Moonridge (Ch) (Alli McArthur/Amber Logan)
NZ Mossrose Mons Meg at Moonridge (Alli McArthur)
NZ Mossrose Porscha (Ch) (Sharyn McKandry/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Princess Gift of Moonridge (Ch) (Alli McArthur/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Princess Pride of Moonridge (Alli McArthur/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Rob Roy at Moonridge (Ian Pilling/Alli McArthur/Amber Riley)
NZ Mossrose Shady Knight (S McKandry/A McArthur/A Logan)
NZ Otterpond Beretta (BISS NZ CH.) (Gloria Geraghty)
NZ Otterpond Full Throttle (NZ CH.) (Tracy Munro)
NZ Otterpond Kiss My Grits (NZ CH.) (Peter & Audrey Matthews)
NZ Otterpond Midnight Magic (Gloria Geraghty)
VIC Otterpond Stamped with Bohunt (Exp NZ) (AUST CH.) (Janet Almond)
NZ Patterdale Chocolate Muffin (NZ Ch) (Lori Amlehn)
NZ Patterdale Coral (Am CH) (Holly Scott)
NZ Patterdale Hunting Spirit (NZ CH) (S Firby)
NZ Patterdale Pistachio (Sonja Firby)
NZ Patterdale Stars N Stripes (S Firby)
NZ Reichund Ragamuffin Man (NZ Ch) (Lori Amlehn)
NZ Willbeauette Ejade of Thaxmead ( imp au) (Rob & Rosemary Weaver)

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