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NZ Ch Clan-Abby Diamonds-In-The-Sky A.I CGCB
(P Vos & J L Vos-Butler)

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NZ Basara Shelby Baby Don’t Go (CH.) (Mrs Tracey McIntosh)
NZ Bordermagic's Charmed one (Nadine Brandt)
NZ Clan-Abby Diamonds-In-The-Sky A.I CGCB (NZ Ch) (P Vos & J L Vos-Butler)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ Captain McCaw (NZ Ch) (L Tang& J L Vos-Butler)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ Diamond Lover CGCG (NZ Ch) (Johanna Vos-Butler, Pieter Vos)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ One Love (NZ Ch) (P Vos & J L Vos-Butler& X G Tang& Y Jin)
NZ Clan-Abby NZ-Royal-Dream (NZ Ch) (P Vos & J L Vos-Butler & XG Tang&Y Jin)
NZ Clan-Abby Vision Of Love (Land Tang& Johanna Vos- Butler)
QLD Fairenvy Maze N Dreams (Angela Sime)
NZ Kelljass Blue Shadow (Sharon Kelly)
NZ LeClway European Legacy (Imp) (Bosnia Junior champion,Republicans Srpska Junior Champion) (Ticiana Molnar & Susan Morris)
NZ Tauanui Bonnie wee lad (Nadine Brandt)
NZ Tyinpi I'm A Starboy At Clan-Abby (IMP-AUST) (NZ Ch) (Xiaogang Tang& Yi Jin& J L Vos-Butler)
QLD Wynnlake Whip It Good (Aust Ch) (Angela Sime)

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