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Sarangrave Buckle Up
(Amorine Ward)

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NZ Caermyrddin Rotten Ralph (Imp Aust) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Crazy For You (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Dolly Did It (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Forever Young (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Itz A Bugs-Life (Ch.) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Locked N Loaded (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Where You Lead (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Foxtails Fast And Furious (Imp-USA) (AM & CAN GRAND CH/ NZ CH) (A. Ward/S. Berndt-Smith/D Smith)
NZ Fudeta Christmas Carol (Imp Aust) (NZ & Aust Ch) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Karakush Bright As Bright (Ch) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Karakush Happy Little Vegemite (AI) (Imp Aust) (Aust Supreme & NZ Ch) (Karla Magnus and Leigh Gibson (Karakush))
NZ Karakush Limited Edition (AI) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Karakush Milestone (Imp Aust) (Karla Magnus & Leigh Gibson (Karakush))
NZ Karakush Spread The Happy (Ch) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Sarangrave Buckle Up (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Can U Feel The Heat (Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Forever After (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Sarangrave It's GetN Hot In Here (NZ Ch) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Knickers In A Knot (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Make A Memory (Mutli BIS,RBIS & RBISS AUST CH./NZ SUPREME CH.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave My Kitchen Rules (AI) (BIS/RBIS/RBISS Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave One Crazy Summer (Aust & NZ Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Sarangrave Pandora’s Box (Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Peach For The Stars (NZ Ch) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave PlayN Hardball (AI) (Amorine Ward)
NSW Sarangrave Smoke N Daggers (Aust GRAND Ch & NZ Ch.) (Robert Lucas)
NZ Sarangrave Winter Is Coming (Aust/NZ Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Treeview Show No Mercy At Sarangrave (Imp-Aust) (NZ Ch.) (Amorine Ward)

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