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AM & CAN GRAND CH Foxtails Fast And Furious (Imp-USA)
(A. Ward/S. Berndt-Smith/D Smith)

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NZ Caermyrddin Rotten Ralph (Imp Aust) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Crazy For You (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Dolly Did It (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Forever Young (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Itz A Bugs-Life (Ch.) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Locked N Loaded (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Where You Lead (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Foxtails Fast And Furious (Imp-USA) (AM & CAN GRAND CH) (A. Ward/S. Berndt-Smith/D Smith)
NZ Fudeta Christmas Carol (Imp Aust) (NZ & Aust Ch) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Karakush Bright As Bright (Ch) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Karakush Happy Little Vegemite (AI) (Imp Aust) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Karla Magnus and Leigh Gibson (Karakush))
NZ Karakush Limited Edition (AI) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Karakush Milestone (Imp Aust) (Karla Magnus & Leigh Gibson (Karakush))
NZ Karakush Spread The Happy (Ch) (Karla Magnus)
NZ Sarangrave Best Served Cold (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Can U Feel The Heat (Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Fifty Shadz O'Grey (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Forever After (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Sarangrave It’s GetN Hot In Here (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Knickers In A Knot (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Magic Mike (AI) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Make A Memory (Mutli BIS,RBIS & RBISS AUST CH./NZ SUPREME CH.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave My Kitchen Rules (AI) (BIS/RBIS/RBISS Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave One Crazy Summer (Aust Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Sarangrave Pandora’s Box (Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave Peach For The Stars (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave PlayN Hardball (AI) (Amorine Ward)
NSW Sarangrave Smoke N Daggers (Aust GRAND Ch & NZ Ch.) (Robert Lucas)
NZ Sarangrave Winter Is Coming (Aust/NZ Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Sarangrave With A Cheri On Top (Ch.) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Treeview Show No Mercy At Sarangrave (Imp-Aust) (NZ Ch.) (Amorine Ward)

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