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BIS, BISS, RBIS, RBISS CH Ukulunga War Paint
(Kat Jackson)

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NZ Cuebiyar Powder Monkey (BIS, BISS, NZ CH) (Diana Falconer)
NZ Dreamstreets American Pharaoh (NZ GR Ch) (Bronwyn Falconer)
NZ Dreamstreets Aurora Australis (imp USA) (NZ Ch) (Bronwyn Falconer)
NZ Kinbrace All That And More (Ch) (C Jones)
NZ Leesway Scene Stealer (Imp-Aust) (Multi BIS/BISS/RUBISS Aust Grand Ch & NZ Supreme Ch) (Mark Harvey & Lucy Lynch)
NZ Mistique Trail Blazer (Imp -Aust) CDX (Aust Ch) (Mark Harvey & Lucy Lynch)
NZ Sutter No Worries (NZ Ch) (L.J. Dawkins & N. Pelletier)
NZ Sutter So It's-Karma (AI) (NZ Supreme Ch) (M Harvey L Lynch & L Dawkins)
NZ Sutter's Etched-In-Stone (Ch) (M.Harvey/L.Lynch/L.Dawkins/N.Pelletier)
NZ Sutter's Seadonas Sunrise (AI) (NZ Ch) (T Gould & N Pelletier)
NZ Thornapple Hot Temptation (Am & NZ Ch) (Diana Falconer)
NZ Trogun Four On The Floor (NZ CH) (S Abelson)
NZ Trogun Rock On (Ch) (Sarah Abelson)
NZ Trogun The Buttler (CH) (Sarah Abelson)
NZ Ukulunga Set For The Future (Nz Ch) (Chelsea Falconer)
NZ Ukulunga Tactical Moves (Ch) (Bronwyn Falconer)
NZ Ukulunga War Paint (BIS, BISS, RBIS, RBISS CH) (Kat Jackson)
NZ Wyndcrest Tenacity (imp USA) (Am Ch & NZ GR Ch) (Di Falconer)

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