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NZ Champion Vadi's Dream Weaver
(H Morrissey)

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NZ Cappadocia Natalka C (P A Goddard)
NZ Cappadocia Oliver (New Zealand Champion) (P.A.Goddard)
NZ Cesur Ruslik Des Shumagins of Asalet (imp fra) (H Morrissey)
NZ Full Circles Spirit of Vodun (American Champion) (V Malone / H Morrissey (semen))
NZ Kazana Basarili Akiva (Imp Czech) (New Zealand Champion) (P. A. Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Abysinnia (New Zealand Champion) (P A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Altair Mountain Echo (K & D McKinnon)
NZ Kuvana Askalon (A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Atari Mountain Palace (New Zealand Champion) (P.A.Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Atlas (B Senior)
NZ Kuvana Belshazzah (P A Goddard/J Burke)
NZ Kuvana Belshevvay (P A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Dragon Storm (Ana Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Shere Khan (P A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Siyah Panter (P A Goddard)
NZ Silverwerro Vadi Kiz (H Morrissey)
NZ Skyviews King Imp USA (Heidi Morrissey)
NZ Takas Mufasa (Imp Aus) (New Zealand Champion) (P.A.Goddard)
NZ Tamoora's Night Prowler (Int'l & AKC Ch) (T Rogowski - H Morrissey (semen))
NZ Tribocie Emperor Titus (Imp Aust) (Aimee & Heidi Morrissey)
NZ Tribocie Kahve Vadi (Imp Aust) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi Artemisia (NZ Champion) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi Asalet (NZ Champion) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi Barik (H Morrissey & J Zellmer)
NZ Vadi Civelek (Heidi Morrissey & R Heidkamp)
NZ Vadi's Dream Weaver (NZ Champion) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi's Mr Sandman (H Morrissey & B & K Kruze)

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