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Shepherds Rest Cevik Ayu
(H Morrissey (Imp Semen))

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NZ Cappadocia Natalka C (P A Goddard)
NZ Cappadocia Oliver (New Zealand Champion) (P.A.Goddard)
NZ Cesur Ruslik Des Shumagins of Asalet (imp fra) (H Morrissey)
NZ Full Circles Spirit of Vodun (American Champion) (V Malone / H Morrissey (semen))
NZ Kazana Basarili Akiva (Imp Czech) (New Zealand Champion) (P. A. Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Abysinnia (New Zealand Champion) (P A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Altair Mountain Echo (K & D McKinnon)
NZ Kuvana Askalon (A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Atari Mountain Palace (New Zealand Champion) (P.A.Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Atlas (A Goddard/B Senior)
NZ Kuvana Belshazzah (P A Goddard/J Burke)
NZ Kuvana Belshevvay (P A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Dragon Storm (A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Dragon TakaStone (P A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Shere Khan (P A Goddard)
NZ Kuvana Siyah Panter (P A Goddard)
NZ Shepherds Rest Cevik Ayu (H Morrissey (Imp Semen))
NZ Silverwerro Vadi Kiz (H Morrissey)
NZ Skyviews King Imp USA (Heidi Morrissey)
NZ Takas Mufasa (Imp Aus) (New Zealand Champion) (P.A.Goddard)
NZ Tamoora's Night Prowler (Int'l & AKC Ch) (T Rogowski - H Morrissey (semen))
NZ Tribocie Emperor Titus (Imp Aust) (Aimee & Heidi Morrissey)
NZ Tribocie Kahve Vadi (Imp Aust) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi Artemisia (NZ Champion) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi Asalet (NZ Champion) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi Barik (H Morrissey & J Zellmer)
NZ Vadi Civelek (Heidi Morrissey & R Heidkamp)
NZ Vadi Freedom (H Morrissey & M Tiplady)
NZ Vadi's Dream Weaver (NZ Champion) (H Morrissey)
NZ Vadi's Mr Sandman (H Morrissey & B & K Kruze)

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