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Anne Rogers
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Rangiora NZ
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Anne (together with husband Bevan) founded Gentle-Bear Newfoundlands in 1983.
We had our first "Newfoundland experience" when we drove into a remote camping ground in the north of Sweden one day during the late summer of 1981. The caretaker's cottage sat at the top of a long flight of steps and a large brown Newfoundland sat "guarding" the door. We sat in the car for at least half an hour hoping someone would come out, when no-one appeared we finally plucked up the courage to walk up the stairs - when we got to the doorway the big brown dog just rolled over begging for a tummy tickle! He spent the rest of the day with us outside our cabin gambling through the forest like a big brown bear. We have imported seven Newfoundlands from Europe and one from Australia, used several other imports at stud and bred nineteen litters. We bred our first litter in 1986. You can view details of our breeding and imports on
Currently we have the following Newfoundlands at home with us:
Merrybear Qadira (Imp. UK) "Roberta" - brown bitch (7 years old)
Gentle-Bear Ebb Tide "Rita" - black bitch (6 years old)

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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