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Sue Daly
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Omapere NZ
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A fun loving, affectionate and loyal breed. Rare to New Zealand. Great pets, great household dogs, intelligent, easy to train. Their curly lamb-like coat doesn't shed and so is good for people who are sensitive to dog hair, this breed is considered good for allergy sufferers. This breed while it has all of the above attributes is a terrier, which means that they are keen to hunt and will stand their ground.

Bedlington Terriers are a mid sized dog (from 15 to 16 inches at the withers weighing from 10 to 15kg). Living with a Bedlington is an ongoing pleasure. They are easily house trained, adaptable, and versatile companions throughout the average lifespan of 11 - 16 years. Those who have had the opportunity to live with Bedlingtons of either gender agree that both males and females are excellent companions.

We would like to thank Robin Bates of Piperdene kennels for letting us have Punkie and our new dog Goodie.

Stop Press: Woo Woo a daughter of Carys and Punkie has just whelped 3 blue and 1liver female, and 1liver and 1blue male, puppies, 27 th Nov 18.

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Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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