Rising Star of the Year 2023 Rules

The Rising Star of the Year 2023 competition will recognise the National, Island and Breed leaders for the up and coming youngsters (up to 24 months of age).

Points Allocation

Total Number of Entries in Show
WinLess than 250250 entries and over1000 entries and over
Best in Show31 Points62 Points124 Points
Class in Show25 Points50 Points100 Points
Best in Group13 Points26 Points52 Points
Class in Group10 Points20 Points40 Points
Class of Breed5 Points5 Points5 Points

Competition Specific Rules

  • These rules should be read in conjuction with the rules covering all pointscore competitions.
  • Eligible results can be entered from any Championship Show in New Zealand. Points awarded are as per table above.
  • Exhibit must be under 18 months of age on the date of the show.
  • Where a show runs over multiple days, the 'Date of the Show' used for determining an exhibit's eligibility (age) will be the final day (General Specials).
  • When submitted your result, if you do not specify the number of entries in the show when asked, we will award the lowest points for the result.
  • The result you submit must be from one of the following classes...
    • 1 - Baby
    • 2 - Minor
    • 3 - Puppy
    • 4 - Novice
    • 5 - Junior
    • 6 - Intermediate
    • 7 - Limit
    • 8 - New Zealand Bred
    • 11 - Open
  • Only the best 40 results (points value) will be included. The pointscore system will automatically select the best 40 results from the results that are submitted.
  • In the event that 2 or more dogs have the same number of points, the dog with the most 'Class in Show' wins (out of their top 40 results) will be placed first. If there is still not an outright leader, the number of 'Class in Group' wins (out of the top 40 results) will be counted.
  • The following rules apply to the Island component of the Rising Star of the Year competition.
    • For the purposes of the pointscore, a dog's 'Competition Island' will be defined as the island where the dog is intended to reside and be exhibited for the majority of the year when actively shown. Once the competition island is selected, this will generally not be able to be changed during the year.
    • The island tally will be calculated on the top 40 shows that were held in the dog's 'competition island' only. This could result in different shows being counted in the island and national component of the competition.
    • Whilst the competition island generally will not be changed once it is selected, we reserve the right to change the competition island for a dog if circumstances warrant it. Our decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Winner Certificates

  • Certificates will be awarded in the Rising Star Competition for
    • National Winner
    • Each Island Winner
    • Each Group Winner (National and Island)
    • Each National Breed Winner
    • Each Island Breed Winner (if not a National Breed Winner)