Breeder Competition 2022 Rules

Points Allocation - Conformation Shows

All Breeds or Group Specialty Shows
Best In Show (All Breeds or Group Specialty)20 points
Runner Up In Show (All Breeds or Group Specialty)17 points
Best In Group (All Breeds or Group Specialty)10 points
Runner Up in Group (All Breeds or Group Specialty)7 points
Best of Breed (All Breeds or Group Specialty)1 point
Single or Multi Breed Specialty Shows
Best In Show (Single or Multi Breed Specialty)15 points
Runner Up in Show (Single or Multi Breed Specialty)12 points
Best of Breed (Multi Breed Specialty)1 point

Points Allocation - Titles (Dogs NZ issued titles only)

Champion30 points
Specialist Grand Champion100 points
Grand Champion100 points
Supreme Champion130 points
Obedience Champion-Ob Ch, Agility Champion-AG CH, Jumpers Champion-J CH100 points
Obedience Grand Champion-Ob Gr Ch, Agility Grand Champion-AG GR CH, Jumpers Grand Champion-J GR CH120 points
All other titles not listed above30 points

Competition Specific Rules

  • These rules should be read in conjuction with the rules covering all pointscore competitions.
  • Entry into the Breeder Competition is open only to persons who at some time during the period 1/1/2022 to 31/12/2022 are the registered owner of the prefix under a registration in New Zealand with Dogs NZ (each an "Owner). Points for results and titles are only awarded for dogs that have been bred in New Zealand under a registered (and financial) New Zealand prefix.
  • In the event that more than one Prefix has the same number of points, the Owner whose Prefix had the most BIS awards will be the winner.
  • To receive points for a Title, the date the certificate was issued must be between 1st November 2021 and 31st December 2022 and we must receive a copy of the certificate for verification purposes. (Final date for acceptance of certificates for inclusion in the 2022 competition is 6th January, 2023).
  • Grand Champion and Supreme Champion cannot be claimed in the same competition year. If both titles are claimed in the same competition year, the Supreme Champion points will replace the Grand Champion points.
  • When sending the certificate to us, please follow up with us after 7 days if the points have not been added. It is your responsibility to check that the title has been received by us and the points have been added within the timeframes.
  • You can forward a copy of the certificate to us by one of the following methods.
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